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Which car seat?

(4 Posts)
WishIwasinStarsHollow Wed 01-Nov-17 15:42:15

Hello! DD is one and I really need to buy her the next stage up car seat now as she fills it. I've been into Mothercare and it seems to make sense to get one to last all stages (price wise) - they said the only negative to this is is we change cars they are not all compatible etc. Surely it's just a case of only picking a compatible car if we were to change? Hoping current car lasts us at least 5 years so would potentially only have one change. In terms of actually picking a car seat - where do I even start???

welshweasel Wed 01-Nov-17 15:44:43

First decision is whether you want to keep rear facing and if so for how long (safer to rear face as long as possible).

If you want to rear face, what centile is your child on height wise?

Do you want isofix or not?

Will you need to change it between cars?

welshweasel Wed 01-Nov-17 15:45:36

Ha ha I just replied to your other thread...promise I'm not stalking you shock

AutumnGlitterBall Wed 01-Nov-17 15:55:02

I have the Joie Every Stage. Usually £200, I got it for £160 in the Smyths baby event. It’s rear facing til four potentially (though I don’t know where you’d put their legs!) and it’s not isofix so it should fit most cars.

The only problems I would foresee are if you have a very small car, there might not be enough space to have it rear facing as the recline is quite far back, and making sure the seatbelt is long enough to go round it. I think you can download the manual/compatibility guide online. From memory, in most cars the only place you couldn’t site it was the middle seat.

We have one in each car. At that price, if he’s in it til around ten (already a tall child), that’s only £30 a year.

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