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HELP! Dd 16 months just thrown up in bed

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newmums2016 Sun 29-Oct-17 23:48:52

I've stripped everything and washed her. She seems ok but a bit scared poor thing keeps saying "oh no". It's gone through to mattress, how can I wash it? And do I have to do it now?

gamerchick Sun 29-Oct-17 23:51:24

Na just cover with towels and put another sheet on. Deal with it tomorrow.

Get a bowl and be alert, it’s a fine art to catch it. Poor thing, hope it’s just a one off.

hiddley Sun 29-Oct-17 23:57:04

Bless her. Maybe put something plastic down in case she vomits again.

Mum2OneTeen Mon 30-Oct-17 00:01:03


LittleBirdBlues Mon 30-Oct-17 00:03:54

Mattress protectors for the future...

My ds threw up the other night, but luckily just he once. Fingers crossed it's the same for you xx

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 00:05:37

If I was you, I'd probably have used a hot wet clean cloth and sprayed mattress with a cleaner. Then cover with a dry towel. But it's late, and it can be dealt with when baby is better.

Shylo Mon 30-Oct-17 00:06:17

when you come to clean it, a solution of bicarbonate of soda is your friend. My daughter was a frequent vomiter and so I kept one of those plant spray water bottles filled with a solution handy. It's the only thing I found that got rid of the smell rather than just masking it

Hope your dd feels better x

notangelinajolie Mon 30-Oct-17 00:07:09

Do a proper clean up tomorrow. For tonight can you put her in bed with you so you can keep an eye on her? And lots of towels everywhere.

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 00:13:20

Thanks everyone. First time this has happened so was in a bit of a panic. I've stripped what I can and will put DD in with us tonight and see what I can do with the mattress tomorrow.

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 00:22:28

Just as I posted that she was sick again in our bed! What should I do with her in terms of sleep. She's desperate to sleep bless her but should I try and prop her up a bit?

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 00:34:09

I don't think propping her up will help. You're going to have to stay awake though as she might deteriorate quite quickly. Get a bowl and try to catch it on the go next time. How is she otherwise? You're saying she's desperate for sleep? That to me sounds a little like she's limp rather than tired. It's been a while since I've had a baby, but you're going to have to pull an all nighter.

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 00:35:13

Is she crying? Temp? How are nappies? Monitor the nappies for wetness too.

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 00:55:04

She's been sick 3 times now but each time I thought she was ok after....
She hasn't got a temperature and nappies are normal. She cries straight after she's sick but assume that's because she's scared/shocked.
She was very sleepy at first (again assumed because it is bedtim) but she's waking up a bit more now confused

AntiHop Mon 30-Oct-17 00:59:22

Personally I'd call 111 for a young child with so much vomiting. Have you tried to give her some water to avoid dehydration?

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 01:02:45

So vomited three times in an hour and a half? Can she keep anything down?

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 01:03:58

That she's alert is a good sign! Poor little thing is probably in a lot of discomfort before she spews.

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 01:07:06

Yes vomited 3 times since 11.45pm. We have her water after she vomited first time but then she vomited again shortly after so haven't given any more since then.
Do you think I should call 111 then?

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 01:07:29

Hubby is cuddling her and it looks like she is drifting of to sleep.../

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 01:09:21

It would do no harm to ring them. I'm not a nurse, so only can speak as a mother. Absolutely no harm in seeing what their advice or guidelines are.

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:09:24

Is probably let her sleep if she will but keep an eye on her. Have her bowels been open today? Nothing nasty in the vomit? Eaten anything unusual?

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 01:15:57

Everything else has been normal but she did go to bed an hour earlier as she was tired due to time change so I'm wondering if she just went to bed to soon after her dinner. She has gone to sleep now so will keep an eye on her and if she stirs again I will call the helpline.
Thank you all so much for your help, I really appreciate it xx

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 01:19:16

Do you mean she went to bed at her usual time, but it was an hour earlier due to time difference? Or that she went to sleep an hour earlier than her usual time.

hiddley Mon 30-Oct-17 01:20:27

It's probably just a nasty vomiting bug, but babies can get dehydrated quite quickly which is why you need to be vigilant.

newmums2016 Mon 30-Oct-17 01:25:39

Yes she went to bed her usual time but was an hour earlier because of change and I think she ate around an hour before that. Maybe it wasn't the food then, just thinking out loud

SleepingStandingUp Mon 30-Oct-17 01:33:29

Is her soft spot still soft? How does it feel?

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