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willothewisp17 Sun 29-Oct-17 20:40:19

unsure of whether my little girl is teething or not, she's five months old but was ten weeks early so only about three months corrected.

symptoms she has: some loose nappies (not all the time and can smell like vinegar), drooling a lot, always chewing hands, sleeves, basically anything she can get to her mouth! she had a brief nappy rash s few days ago and red cheeks come and go, irritability at times but tonight reached peak level, never seen her so upset and it was a pained cry! rubbed some teething gel onto her gums and gave calpol as I was at a total loss!

I have teething products like Ashton and parsons but how do I know when to actually give her these things? I don't want to just start pumping it all into her if I'm not certain she's teething iyswim?

OoohSmooch Sun 29-Oct-17 20:43:25

It's hard to know for sure but generally I find that if my 6 month old is fed, burped, rested, entertained, temperature ok and still not happy then I put the rest down to teething!

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