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Toddle loose stool 5 days

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Buglife Sun 29-Oct-17 08:16:51

My DS who is 3 has had a very loose poo in the morning in his overnight nappy every morning for 5 days now. Really very loose. He is otherwise fine, eating ok, acting lively and energetic. He's done a couple more on the toilet in the last few days but otherwise it's just one a day means it doesn't seem to be illness. And if anything he's shown more bowel control getting to the loo on time for those two times than he usually does! I wouldn't be too worried but it's been a while, also we visited a farm on Tuesday where he petted animals and although we eased hands etc they do warn about catching things from animals. Also he'll be back at preschool soon and if he does similar there he'll be straight home. Anyone had similar? only symptom is these massive loose stools. If I took him to the Doctor tomorrow would they do anything?

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