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16 week vaccs and bowel movements

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Smurfy23 Sun 29-Oct-17 00:37:48

Dd had her 16 weeks vaccs on Thursday. Shes been quite poorly with all of them so far but this one seems to have really knocked her. There is the usual being out of sorts, subdued, needing cuddles etc but shes also been puking a fair bit and there have been 2 bowel movements yesterday and 5 today. No temperature (ive checked regularly). Shes usually a once every other day girl so this is completely out of character. Before I start to panic, has anyone else experienced this after the 16 wks vaccs? Any suggestions for what I should be doing? So far have been using calpol when shes particularly cranky, lots of cuddles and baths and gave her some cooled boiled water this evening to stop dehydration.

Ineedfun Sun 29-Oct-17 07:42:13

Sounds like a tummy bug. It's prime season for them at the moment, she probably picked it up at the gps. Lots of fluids, little and often. Keep an eye on how many wet nappies she's having.

Iusuallylovecake Sun 29-Oct-17 11:31:20

My little one really struggled after 16 week jabs. Went from constipated to diarhea - not good! Also virtually stopped eating. Went to gp as worried and they said typical reaction. Just keep an eye, if no better in a few days go to doc x

GerrytheBerry Sun 29-Oct-17 11:40:20

My little girl was really poorly after these! She had a raging temp so night, was sick and really off. Gp said just keep an eye on her, and recommended another day of Calpol, she was back to herself the following day but then had lots of bowel movements the few days following.
She was also off her milk for a full day the day after having them.

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