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Grumpy old git

(2 Posts)
gg96cgp Sat 28-Oct-17 21:00:17

Out for lunch. Daughter, 15 months, hubby and grandparents. Daughter was brilliant. Sat in high chair, quietly munching or playing with toys. Grumpy old sod sat near us kept grunting which ended with him appearing to call my daughter 'disgusting' but he was too far away to properly hear so gave him benefit of the doubt. Upon walking daughter to the bathroom he starting tutting and grunting so I asked him if he had a problem to which he responded not with me but with 'it' - referring to my daughter. I responded with she's not an it she's my daughter to which he said again I have a problem with it. To which I reiterated she's not an it she's my daughter!! I was fuming. Hubby was fuming. If he hadn't been a little old man I may have said more! AIBU to react to the old sod!!

ButchyRestingFace Sun 29-Oct-17 00:08:43

I would assume there was a mental health issue and not sweat it.

What did you say after the man reaffirmed he was "it-ing" your daughter?

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