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Everything's shit

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Nikitasol Sat 28-Oct-17 08:46:02

I left Ex in Feb cos he was EC and not committed to family life either. Since then I've struggled to manage live with small DC, very little money, lodgers, self employment and more recently a really painful prolapse which I'll need an operation for.

In that time my ex (who's said he doesn't do weekends) has had his DC erratically which means DC now very emotionally upset and confused and have had to gave meetings with health visitor and nursery about his emotional well being.

I found out last week that extra is in new relationship with someone ten years younger than me. I feel so miserable. She's beautiful too. It really hurts. He's had lots of time off to meet someone when I haven't had any so no chance of that for me.

I do not ever want to go back to him but I'm so frazzled dealing with continuous parenting, no support from him, my health and stress and feeling like at 43 I'm doomed to stay single. Especially as due to prolapse I can't DTD anyway.

So low, can't sleep and feeling like I just want to curl up and die.


Nikitasol Sat 28-Oct-17 08:47:10

EA not EC!

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