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4 week old feeding less at night

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upfrontmumma Sat 28-Oct-17 04:17:22

Hi everyone,

Over the last 2 nights my 4wo LO has started having less of his bottles (exclusively FF as can't BF). He's a big boy and throughout the day normally has up to 180mls every 3-4hrs. But the last few nights he has been refusing to have anymore than 150mls at a push- sitting more around 100-120mls every 3hrs.

We have been worried about reflux with him as he does posset every now and again (we also struggled with wind- but that seems to be under control now 🤞🏻) I have found that when he wakes at about 2hrs he can be soothed back to sleep either with a dummy or by rocking him, so not sure if he is actually hungry when he wakes up.

Should I be trying to get him to finish his bottles or is this his way of trying to drop his feed at night?

Thanks for the help!!

upfrontmumma Sat 28-Oct-17 04:18:50

I should also add the question, could the drop in feeding amount be reflux related?

user1493413286 Sat 28-Oct-17 14:18:16

Over a 24 hour period is he having the right amount for his weight or at least close? Is he relatively settled in between? Unless he’s having drastically less I wouldn’t worry, maybe keep a closer eye on his weight but baby’s are generally quite good at knowing when they need more and when they’ve had enough.

Changerofname987654321 Sun 29-Oct-17 22:31:58

When he wakes at night I would feed him. Babies are designed to want more milk on a nighttime.

upfrontmumma Tue 31-Oct-17 03:52:40

He gets roughly 30oz minimum (I've worked out he is roughly supposed to get 35oz/24hrs), so is doing well. We have started making sure he has feeds regularly at 3-4hr intervals during the day, rather than him feeding 'on demand', during which he has a minimum of 5oz per feed. I'm wondering if ensuring he has these feeds makes him less hungry at night? Is that a thing? Lots of wet nappies and gaining weight fine (91st since birth), so not overly worried, just curious..

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