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7 Week Old Sleep Habit- Is This Normal?

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LetItRain88 Thu 26-Oct-17 13:02:16

My LB is 7 weeks today. For the past few nights at around 8/9pm he started to get frustrated with lights being on and the TV making any noise. Even just dim lights or fairy lights on the other side of the room.

The TV has to be really quiet or he loses his shit too, so have been going and putting him in the dark in our bedroom in his basket with his dummy and immediately he shuts his eyes and is zonked.

I know being over stimulated is annoying for babies when they want to sleep, but today he decided he must also be in the dark, in silence in his basket for his naps too. I don’t have any lights on, the TV is very low but the sound of the washing machine was pissing him off!

Also, he has this bunny teddy. He’s addicted to it, which is adorable and lovely and he won’t drop off without in in his basket. Problem is he likes to turn his face into the fur and sleep buried into it! I have to sit and wait for him to be in a real deep sleep before I remove Bun, but it usually wakes him off when he realises she’s gone. Means I can’t sleep or really do anything else!

Just wondering if this behaviour is normal for a 7 week old? Also, bu ‘frustrated’ I mean hollering the place down, chomping his bottle or dummy when offered while making angry noises, arching his back, going red in the face and stretching the crap out of me and himself.

Obviously doesn’t do much damage as he’s only tiny but the bigger he gets the worse it will be I guess? Xx

LetItRain88 Thu 26-Oct-17 13:03:47

*scratching, not stretching lol

muminmanchester Thu 26-Oct-17 15:03:28

Mine did the same at 8/9 weeks, I took it as my cue to start putting him to bed at 7ish with the monitor on. He used to nap with his hands covering his eyes until he was about 5 months! He's always liked to sleep in the dark. Just different personalities starting to emerge I think!

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