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Friends problem kids

(3 Posts)
Mrsevo1 Wed 25-Oct-17 19:29:02

I have a friend who is like my shadow. Her house is a carbon copy of ours, I decorate a room green she does one, I buy a black kettle she buys one, I buy a top she buys the same. I have a rainbow shit, so does she. You get the picture. Although it infuriates me I guess I should take it as a compliment but now there are issues with our kids.

She sends her kid to the same nursery, I send ours to dance and she follows; swimming, playgroups, nothing is sacred from her. She's even gone and bought the same actual pushchair as my youngest now which as you can imagine it's wearing thin. Even more so as my three and a half year old will no longer go to nursery as her kid is spiteful, naughty and making it hard for my child to play with her friends in peace pulling her away from friends, smacking her, manipulating her. This is now happening at the dance class as well. Fortunately they knew my daughter long before the friends daughter to know her temperament. Nursery have raised concerns as have I (she's not the friendliest of children and always causes issues on play dates with other friends children). Nursery are monitoring and keeping them away from each other as my kid has never screamed when I leave there but now clings to me not wanting me to leave. Do I leave it to nursery to diplomatically deal with the child and parents or do I raise concerns with them which is going to cause friction and awkwardness? My kids will come before friends any day but I'm in a pickle!

Msqueen33 Wed 25-Oct-17 19:34:18

How does your friend know about your activities? Personally I'd distance myself from them if it's a big issue. If you're happy about the nursery in general I'd leave them to sort it. Your child will no doubt meet children along the way who are tricky or difficult. I know she's young but maybe some simple strategies. But I'd be moving away from this friend.

Mrsevo1 Wed 25-Oct-17 19:52:48

I completely understand that there will always be issues and hard to get along with people. She's a friend of 15odd years who has merged in with my friends of 30years so unfortunately even when I don't tell her other friends drop me in it when they ask how she's getting on! 😫😂 it's a mad circle. If anything I feel sorry for the friend as she has no self confidence whatsoever to do anything alone, but I'm not her only friend with kids. I've always made a conscious effort to get to play groups and various baby groups for not only my daughters benefit but mine as I'm sure you know there are times when you hit fee like you're going scatdolally! I guess on a positive note she doesn't drive so maybe I just need to look further afield 😂

Thanks for your kind reply x

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