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Child vomiting for a week now...time to see the GP??

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Smithm86 Wed 25-Oct-17 07:01:02

I know the general advice is to ‘ride it out’ when it comes to sickness bugs, but my 2yr old has been ill for a week now.

Day 1 - Vomited 8 times, didn’t keep water down and was very lethargic.
Day 2 - A bit brighter in the day, but sick in the evening and at midnight
Day 3 - sick at midnight
Day 4 - sick at midnight
Day 5 - sick at midnight
Day 6 - sick at midnight.

He hasn’t had much of an appetite, and wet and dirty nappies are less than half the normal amount. In the last two days he has had diarrhoea too!

I have also had diarrhoea for a week...🤢😷

I’ll be calling the GP today, but in your experience does this sound like a seasonal sickness bug, or something else?

Chottie Wed 25-Oct-17 07:04:08

Yes, yes and yes again - Contact your GP today. Do not leave it another day. Your DC is 2 years old!!!!

6 days of being unwell is a long time for anyone, let alone a 2 year old!!!

Babydreaming Wed 25-Oct-17 07:06:23

Seek medical help if you’re worried or think your little one is dehydrated. However I don’t think GP will do anything as stomach bugs are viral. The only indication for admission to hospital is if very dehydrated and not able to keep small amounts of fluid down

DesignedForLife Wed 25-Oct-17 10:18:35

Vomiting for a week I'd go see GP if you're worried they are dehydrated. But they are only being sick once a day it might be their stomach is still not settled yet. We've all had a nasty tummy bug last week and it's taking a long time even for me to feel like eating or drinking much

Smithm86 Fri 27-Oct-17 05:32:09

Ok, so the Dr has said Gastroenteritis...and simply to keep up fluids and ride it out. Sick again twice just now, but more himself in the day, so hopefully not too much longer of this horrible bug. DS has lost 5lb, down from 2st 5lb in a week, so will need fattening up again!

Rosa Fri 27-Oct-17 05:38:02

Try white foods , plain pasta, apple, crackers, simple foods, avoid milk and also the probotic drops to try and help the stomach sort itself out again.

Cupcakegirl13 Fri 27-Oct-17 05:58:43

Try cutting out dairy for a while , all of my milk guzzling children developed temporary lactose intolerances after sickness bugs.

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