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Average Weight Gain - 3 Month old

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Samila Tue 24-Oct-17 11:20:01

Hi all

Does anyone know any useful sites on where I can find a chart or info on how many ounces a week a baby should be putting on average (in ounces) each month. I know it's all about the lines and percentiles etc but interested to know how much a 3 month on average should be gaining in ounces. Ps i al interested in U.K. Sites only.


mindutopia Tue 24-Oct-17 12:27:39

If you look at your centile chart and follow the point from this month to the next, then that added weight is the average for babies at that starting weight. Or if you want the true average, follow the 50th centile line as babies at the 50th centile are truly average. Though it makes more sense if you do it for the centile line your baby is at because that's more the average for babies that size. So if your baby (girl) was 50th centile, at 3 months, they would weigh about 5.75 kg and at 4 months about 6.4 kg. So on average, the gain in that month is 0.65 kg or about 1.4 lbs. I don't know what that is in oz, but you can convert it. Obviously, most babies don't grow at an exactly steady rate, so they'll likely be a bit more or less than this depending on when they're weighed.

I'm looking at the WHO growth charts, specificlly the girl one, here:

These are what are in the red book, though I think other places use slightly different charts.

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