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Tongue tie issues & dummy acceptance

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Summertime10 Tue 24-Oct-17 08:31:15

Hi everyone, my lo is just over 6 weeks and had a posterior tongue tie snipped at 9 days. He's quite a cat napper and seems to really struggle to drift off in a deep sleep unless out in the car (which isn't ideal for spine development etc). He tries to suck his fists but isn't coordinated enough yet, but this will change in time. I've tried him with dummies (lots of different types) as my other two children loved their dummies and took a lot of comfort from it but he just won't/can't? take it. Has anybody had experience of tongue tied babies having issues with dummies or is it just a case that he's not one for dummies? I'm not averse to this as it'll be one less job to do when the time comes to give it up but he just seems to really crave a bit of soothing when drifting off to sleep and rocking him doesn't seem to cut it. I'm assuming in time he'll find a soothing technique for him but he's also still too little for comforters too. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

BowlingShoes Tue 24-Oct-17 08:34:53

I have 2DC. One had a tongue tie snipped at the same age as your DC, the other didn't have one. I'm afraid despite many attempts (they both had reflux and a dummy is supposed to be soothing) neither of them ever accepted a dummy. You can keep persisting, but I think there are some babies that just don't like dummies.

Summertime10 Wed 25-Oct-17 08:11:01

Thanks. Maybe he's just not fussed with it. I have to admit I find it a lot harder to settle a baby who doesn't have a dummy. Hopefully he'll start using a comfort blanket or something soon so he can drift off a little easier and I don't have to keep rocking him or taking him out in the car all the time.

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