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Potty training regression?

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rosettesforjill Mon 23-Oct-17 18:20:25

My now 3yo DS took to potty training really well when we started back in June and was having 90% dry days within probably a couple of weeks, telling us when he needed to go and managing to hold it if we needed to find a toilet. How smug we were! What fantastically talented parents to raise such a clever child!

Well, we shouldn’t have been. He moved into pre-school from the toddler room in September and has been wetting himself every day since. Thought it was the change of setting at first but it just hasn’t improved. They (and we) have been putting him on the toilet and asking him if he needs to go regularly, but it doesn’t seem to be helping confused

Some of it seems to be deliberate protest wees when he’s in a destructive mood (particularly if we’ve just asked him not to do something or taken an item off him for whatever reason) - and to be honest I have no clue how to deal with that either - but not always.

Help! What have we done wrong? How do we fix it? Is my washing machine going to be running loads of pissy pants forever more? sad

calamityjam Mon 23-Oct-17 18:28:33

When he wets, ignore completely as in don't say a word. Simply change pants and carry on. When he's had a dry day/half day make a huge fuss, give a sticker on a chart. Tell him once he gets 5 stickers you will go to the shop and let him choose a chocolate bar. Once he has so many 20? Stickers on the chart, he can go to town and buy a toy he has been wanting. I have toilet trained 4 dcs and worked in a nursery.

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