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1 year old tripped and banged mouth - pic

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PandaEyes2 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:11:22


My son has just turned 1 last weekend. Today we was in Marks and Spencer's trying a coat on him. It was quite big and came over one of his hands, he fell over while he was wearing it (confident walker) and tripped, but because the coat was over his one hand, when he put his arms out it slid from under him and he hit is mouth on the floor. It didn't bleed or anything (but he let us know it hurt!) since he's done it he's managed lunch and a bottle but I'm worried as it's become raised with an ulcer on it.
Do I need to be worried? Or will it just go down. I feel for him 😢

KarateKitten Mon 23-Oct-17 16:15:11

It will go down! That is a very minor face plant compared with what is to come in the next year!

My 1yr old did a simple trip on the tiled floor and smashed her two front teeth a while ago. One remaining root is now blacksad But that's luckily the worst I've had over 3 kids. I have had a fair few lips and foreheads and chins either like golf balls or pumping blood. A fat lip is nearly a right of passage for a 1 yr old! He'll be absolutely fine.

PandaEyes2 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:21:05

Thank you @KarateKitten first time mum 🙋🏼 lol. He's had a fair few trips and head bangs, bruises etc but first time I've seen this 😳. Reassuring to hear it's just another thing that happens and it'll be fine and go down x

PandaEyes2 Wed 25-Oct-17 12:20:34

Just a little update: last night the swelling got really bad, it's covered his two teeth. He hardly slept last night so went to the doctors thus morning. When he lifted his lip with the spatula I was horrified, the swelling is massive and it's very white and looks very sore! He has an infection in it so probably feeling a little poorly from that. She did his temp and all fine so he's had his vaccinations today too! All 4 of them 😢. Here's hoping all that mixed in with the teething isn't too upsetting for him

KarateKitten Wed 25-Oct-17 13:58:18

Oh goodness! I didn't realise a lot of time had passed from the incident to the swelling. But clearly you were well able to respond appropriately when you needed to. I'm very very conservative about going to the doc (and sister is a GP so I run things by her when I'm getting uneasy and rarely need to take snything further) but there's always a moment where you suddenly know you're not ok with something that's going on with little one and take action. If you're still just musing about whether they're ok, they're usually ok!

PandaEyes2 Wed 25-Oct-17 17:21:07

Yes sometimes you just have to trust your instinct. It just didn't sit right with me at all, as if was just getting worse and playing on my mind. He's definitely feeling poorly from his jabs now though so lots of cuddles. That must be great to have a gp for a sister to be able to run things by first! To be honest I'm not a big fan of going to the doctors but I was feeling so uneasy about this x

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