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Specific stairgate ideas?

(2 Posts)
Xuli Mon 23-Oct-17 14:03:09

We have reeeeally narrow stairs, both in the width of the staircase and the width of the step. To make things worse there's all kinds of lips and random edges of other steps sticking out at the top too so you can't just put a gate across normally.

Up until now we've had one of the Babydan retractable gates that screwed into the wall and that worked well. But this is an old house and even with expensive fittings and rawlplugs the walls crumble underneath and I don't trust it with 1yo DC2, i don't think anything screwed into the wall could ever be quite safe enough as he gets bigger and stronger, plus is never fit without some give.

I've just managed to fit a pressure fitted gate in well (after hacksawing off a small piece to get past one of the sodding edges!) and it feels sturdy - BUT now we have the bottom lip of the gate at the top stair. If I put the lip on the landing it feels like we could trip on it, if I put the lip equal with the landing then the top stair feels incredibly narrow even for my small feet, let alone DH.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Mon 23-Oct-17 15:40:40

We fixed a piece of wood to the wall and then attached our retractable baby dance gate to the wood. It's much more secure now.

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