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Car seat base without Isofix

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alltalknobaby Sun 22-Oct-17 15:32:41

I’m looking for a new car seat for DD (9 months, 25lbs). I am looking for:

- Non-Isofix
- Rear facing
- Up to at least 18kg, preferably more.

I was given a Britax car seat which seems great once forward facing, however in rear facing position it’s so wobbly and unstable, it can’t possibly be safe. Is it possible to get a non-Isofix base for larger car seats? I know they do them for infant carriers but can’t find info about if they are made to fit larger car seats.

I’m new to this! Would be very grateful for any pointers.

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 22-Oct-17 15:36:07

I'm looking for similar and have got it down to the Joie stages/every stage

shakeyourcaboose Sun 22-Oct-17 15:36:29

There's a joie one I was recommended- but didn't go for as wanted isofix... Will try and find the text and update!

shakeyourcaboose Sun 22-Oct-17 15:42:38

That's what I was just coming back on to say- joie every stages!

furryelephant Sun 22-Oct-17 15:50:07

There are loads of car seats that rear face to 25kg but install with the seat belt and tethers- britax do many such as the Two Way Elite, there’s a diono radian 5, axkid mini kid to name a few, but I’ve never seen one that rear faces past 18kg with a base.

mindutopia Sun 22-Oct-17 16:14:26

We had a Klippan triofix recline, which while expensive has been well worth the investment. It can go in either with isofix or seat belt. It's rear facing til 18 kg, and safe with seat belt ff until 25 kg. My dd stayed in it rf until she was 4.5 before we turned her (from 13 months). It then becomes a high back booster, which you'll need anyway so can save the cost of buying that later.

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