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Fiancé more interested in his games

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hayleyjoy Sun 22-Oct-17 12:07:24

Has anyone else got a partner that seems to be more interested in playing on their console or phone than interacting with their little one. I've fell out with my fella about how much time he spent on Saturday on his (excuse the language) F* phone where he could of been on the floor playing with his daughter. He comes in from work spends half an hour on the toilet then plays on his game upstairs before he comes down and cooks tea. I'm the one who's on the floor every evening playing with her. I just think he's missing valuable bonding time. He loves her and she loves him but I think he's missing out on such a lot. Or am I just been a bit over the top with him? Is this what dads/men are like? Am I wrong for pointing out the obvious because now there's some tension between us today (Sunday) and I don't want my lo to pick up on it. He wants to go out but I can't go out with someone that's not speaking to me properly. I've just tried to speak to him and he's taking the P and playing on his game again!!! He won't even make eye contact. Omfg!!!

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sun 22-Oct-17 16:17:41

My DH would probably play on his phone constantly but the one thing that works with him is asking questions like “would you like to cook tea tonight or bath DD?”

If you don’t want to go out, could he take DD so that you get a break?

TeaTeaTea Tue 24-Oct-17 15:22:46

How old is your DD? As you say she's on the floor I'm guessing only a few months? I say this because my husband was exactly the same with our DS - now DS is nearly 2 they are fantastic together, my DH will rush to cuddle and play with him when home.
Some men (not all I grant) can't get interested in babies, they love their children of course and will hold them when asked or tickle them to get a reaction but getting down on hands & knees to bond is not something that reaches high up on their agenda. Yes it IS frustrating and really upset me when we had our son but now our DD is 7 weeks I don't bother pushing. Infact DH is showing more interest earlier on with our daughter than with our son (less fear? I don't know).

I really wouldn't push him, as she grows up and he gets to know his daughter he's naturally going to want to be with her. So for the sake of having a nice weekend try and relax and move around family life as normal.

Can he cook dinner while DD is in highchair/bouncy chair and you go up for a shower so he's downstairs with her and not on the console.

Nottalotta Wed 25-Oct-17 07:29:33

Leave him in charge of her, so he has to do it. I didn't and my husband while better now the eldest is older, is still useless with the baby and I still resent his lack of input. It's so disappointing that they can't be bothered.

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