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Struggling with baby who won't nap and 4 yr old

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CrowOnTheBroom Tue 17-Oct-17 12:30:57

Just that really, I have a gorgeous 10 wk old ds who I love to bits, but he's an absolute nightmare to get to nap during the day. He hates the sling, will only sleep in the pram while it's moving and the car seat when it suits.
He rarely naps more than 15 mins on the afternoon school run, which means I'm struggling to make my older son's dinner with a grumpy / crying baby. I was wondering whether a bedtime routine would help with his sleeping generally (ok at night, usually sleeps 3-4 hrs in one go from about 8:30pm) but he's so overtired by 6pm there's usually a meltdown before he drops off. Any suggestions gratefully received!

chloechloe Tue 17-Oct-17 17:56:45

It's a shame the sling isn't working - it was my life saver with a 20 month gap!

Can you make dinner during the day so it just needs warming up? On really bad days I give my toddler porridge with fruit for dinner or something cold.

How about a detour on the school run so the baby sleeps for 30-40 min by you setting off earlier? Not sure if you do it by car or with the pram though.

CrowOnTheBroom Tue 17-Oct-17 20:54:25

Thanks, I'd love it if he liked that sling but he just gets frustrated he can't move his arms and works himself by up!

That's good advice about starting the school run early, I'll try that tomorrow.

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