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(8 Posts)
Prusik Tue 17-Oct-17 10:48:48

Ds (9 months) has a stinking cold and is as miserable as sin. I'm exhausted, pregnant and suffering from pnd.
Should have showered when he napped but went to bed instead for a nap myself but he only had half an hour so I'm not even showered and dressed.
DH is late home from work tonight. How can I survive the day?! I just want to cry!

Prusik Tue 17-Oct-17 10:49:44

Ps Ds normally likes 90 minutes in the morning so won't cope.long with only 30 minutes and I can't walk hugely far as my back gets quite sore

LuckyinOctober Tue 17-Oct-17 11:30:26

Do you have anyone who can come round to keep you both company and help as needed? If not can you go out to a play cafe/Park/ soft play to break up the day and potentially get some sympathetic adult company too? If at home, would he cuddle up and watch a film with you?

OuchBollocks Tue 17-Oct-17 11:32:19

Could you take him for a swim? The steam will help his cold, the water will help your back and then you can grab a quick shower while he sits in the play pen with a toy and people to watch?

chloechloe Tue 17-Oct-17 11:54:47

Get in the bath with him! You can have a wash and the steam will help with his cold! At 9 months he should be able to sit in a shallow bath while you have a wash, then fill the bath up some more and have a soak!

DaisyRaine90 Tue 17-Oct-17 12:00:23

Coffee ☕️

Prusik Tue 17-Oct-17 12:06:30

A bath sounds amazing. We've currently survived till lunch and I'm nursing a cup.of tea while Ds eats his weight in scrambled eggs.

The impacted his balance so he's already fallen over and bumped his lip/gum. Blood everywhere. Why do mouth bleeds do that? There's hardly a mark on him!
Is swimming, etc, ok with colds? My friends are treating me like we have the plague. I was about to put a red cross on the door.

Prusik Tue 17-Oct-17 13:39:54

He seems to be feeling a bit perkier since he's had lunch. Here's hoping he'll have a decent nap!

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