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Two year old and newborn pushchair

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shesthemama Mon 16-Oct-17 15:52:49

I'm going to have a newborn when my son is 23 months and looking into pushchairs.. I thought I could get away with the current pushchair and get a boogie/buggie board thingy for my toddler but I'm told he will be too young for this? Does anyone recommend a double push chair model or does anyone have any experiences with the board thingy?

PotteringAlong Mon 16-Oct-17 15:55:11

I had a Phil and teds with the same age gap and it was great. I also had an older one who used to hold onto the strap.

Esker Mon 16-Oct-17 15:55:34

Keen to hear advice on this too! My son will be 15 months old when new baby is due.

PotteringAlong Mon 16-Oct-17 15:56:33

I didn't have a buggy board for number 1 and 2 and it worked well but the age gap was bigger. I wouldn't have wanted to do it with 2 and 3, especially when I threw having to get to school into the mix.

AJPTaylor Mon 16-Oct-17 15:57:28

lol. waiting for someone to come along and tell you that all children should be able to yomp 5 miles by their 3rd birthday.

nomad5 Mon 16-Oct-17 16:00:19

Had a 24 month age gap between my two, struggled along for a couple of months. Then bought a Phil and Teds in-line double and have never looked back! I can still fit them in it and they're 5 and 3 now grin ... before the "they should be walking" police jump on me we don't have a car so sometimes a buggy really is essential for long excursions!

GET A DOUBLE - in my experience unless you pretty much drive everywhere, a double is very necessary. A buggy board is not a suitable substitute unless, as I said, you drive everywhere.

nomad5 Mon 16-Oct-17 16:03:06

The handy thing about a P&T inline double is that when they're older, you can use the back seat to chuck bags/jackets in etc as the seat is bigger than a basket. You can also chuck scooters in the back. I mostly only use the buggy these days for end of the day supermarket trips, 3 year old is tired so she sits in the front, 5 year old walks and shopping gets bunged in the back.

Have used my double on three continents, in just about every damn environment imaginable and it's been great!

ODog Mon 16-Oct-17 16:06:15

I had the same age gap and had a Phil and teds but baby hated going underneath so used it as a single and used a sling until toddler stopped using a buggy/napping and swapped to a normal buggy and a buggy board. Still had the sling for when toddler got tired so he would go in the buggy and baby in sling. Something like a baby jogger double with carrycot attachment for baby would have been fab but it wouldn’t have fit through my front door or through the back gate if one/both were asleep.

nomad5 Mon 16-Oct-17 16:08:35

^ yes the babyjogger double with carrycot option as ODog mentions is great too. My friend has one of these and when we're all out together one of the preschoolers takes turns to sit in the seat and coo at the baby in the carrycot! It is very very wide though. I wouldn't have been able to fit that kind of double through the door of my flat, so couldn't have considered it.

RosieBdy Mon 16-Oct-17 16:09:27

Out 'n' about nipper. It's a side by side buggy but narrow enough to get through most normal doors. I only ever had two doors I couldn't get through with it, one of which was our front door! You can very quickly take one of the side wheels of though, balance and push it through the door then pop the wheel back on... I became an expert!
A Phil and Ted cocoon fits in nicely so you can lift baby out easily if they're asleep.
Loved that pram so much (almost considered having a 3rd child so I didn't have to get rid of it!)

Wooders09 Mon 16-Oct-17 16:11:20

There's 23months between my first two and I had a double buggy. I would highly recommend especially if you eldest still had a nap during the day. I found it great as I could have them both in the pram and they would sleep and I could go for a walk. We had the Jané twone as we already had some of the bits from our first so didn't need to spend as much!

Esker Mon 16-Oct-17 16:15:53

RoseBdy , so does that mean that the Phil and Ted cocoon is compatible with the Out and About Nipper? Thanks for your helpful tip re doors and removing the wheel!

shesthemama Mon 16-Oct-17 19:33:08

By the sounds of it a double might be the best option for me as I share a car with hubby and he takes it to work!! I'm deffo going to search Phil & Teds does !! .. and think I'll have to sell my beautiful silver cross travel system .. sad times!!

chipswithchips Tue 17-Oct-17 06:44:17

I have an 18m age gap and love my bugaboo donkey duo, I don’t drive so walk everywhere and love that I can have switch from parent/outward facing and that they’re side by side. My eldest is 2 next week and still naps in the day so buggy is essential for when we’re out for the day, also she doesn’t like the buggy board yet for some reason but will keep trying.

It looks massive but is actually quite deceiving when it comes to getting through doors etc.

chloechloe Tue 17-Oct-17 11:18:48

I have the Donkey too with a 20 month age gap and love it. Like PP said, it looks huge but it's no wider than a wheelchair so in theory you should be able to get in everywhere!

It's been a godsend for us as our 2.5 yo will often fall asleep in the buggy for her lunchtime nap if we're out and about. If a toddler is tired then a buggyboard isn't great if they want to have a sit down.

I think a lot depends on lifestyle though - we walk a lot and rarely use the car so it's great for us.

I love the fact that both kids can see and can sit in either direction. With done one kid has a restricted view or the baby pretty much lies on the floor!

The Mountain Buggy also looks good but I'm not too keen on the way the seat reclines.

Nicae Tue 17-Oct-17 11:26:34

Just to ring the changes, I hated my Bugaboo Donkey, it was heavy, awkward and my petite 16 month old (when I had DD2) was v quickly uncomfortable in it. It was a massive waste of money. I love my Joie Aire double but not really suitable for a newborn.

TisMeTheLadFromTheBar Tue 17-Oct-17 11:27:18

I was looking at the out & about nipper 360 when having dc2 but reviews online said it can be unsteady coming on and off kerbs if there is not an even weight distribution (two different aged children inside) can topple over. I would test drive one before you buy.

AlbusPercival Tue 17-Oct-17 11:39:06

Uppababy vista is great for that age gap

RosieBdy Wed 18-Oct-17 22:21:33

Sorry Esker, only just seen your question.
It doesn't 'officially’ fit, but it does (or did - I had version 2 and I think it's up to version 4 now!). I contacted Phil N Teds, who actually sent me some clips so that I could fashion a thing to clip it in, but most of the time we just lay it in the folded down side and it was fine.
I had a 29 month gap between my two and never had a problem going up and down curbs (someone mentioned they can be unbalanced I think, upthread) but good plan to try one if you can.
I loved the fact that they were next to each other, and could interact once the youngest wasn't a ‘baby’ baby if you get me! DS was definitely DD's favourite thing in the whole world!

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