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Newborn poorly?

(2 Posts)
88Emma88 Mon 16-Oct-17 10:39:07

My little boy is 10 weeks old and usually takes between 25-30 ounces per day so 4-5 ounces per feed. Over the past 36 hours he has reduced his feed and sometimes only takes a couple of ounces.
Last night he fed at 7pm then projectile vomited his whole feed up. He didn’t seem affected and shortly after fell asleep. He then fed as normal taking 4oz at 11.15pm. He slept the longest he has ever slept then and didn’t wake until 430am. He then just wasn’t interested in his bottle and only had about half an ounce. He then slept until 6am and on waking had a normal feed of 3.5oz. He slept again and then at 930am had about half an ounce then projectile vomited his milk up again. More milk seemed to come up than what he had just drank so I’m assuming some was from the last feed. Again, he seemed fine in himself, no high temp etc and appeared hungry again about 10 mins later. I gave him the bottle again and he took about half an ounce then became disinterested and he is now asleep again.

He does have really bad bottom wind and always has and has dentinox for that. He also has reflux and is having gaviscon for that. Could this be the reflux?! He did it once before about a week ago but just the once. Otherwise he has never done this and is usually just a little sick occasionally with dribble.

Has anyone else experienced this?! I’m getting myself worried that he isn’t feeding!!

Dreams16 Mon 16-Oct-17 14:26:18

Hi op my best advice for you would to be to speak to your health visitor or doctor for some advice

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