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Light weight stroller for airport - recommendations please

(11 Posts)
Jas8085 Sat 14-Oct-17 11:21:07

Hi all
I am looking for a fully collapsible light weight stroller (not very expensive)for holiday use - particularly, in the airports. I need something that can be taken right to the aircraft door.
Any recommendations? Dc is 20 months old. Ideally I'd like to use it until about age 3-4.
I am considering Mothercare Jive/ Mothercase nanu - any reviews on these?

Jas8085 Sat 14-Oct-17 19:23:26

Bumping for responses

KimchiLaLa Sat 14-Oct-17 21:43:06

Babyzen yoyo?

NapQueen Sat 14-Oct-17 21:45:14

Mamas and Papas Armadillo City. Folds small, one handle, lays flat, very large hood. Second hand if you want to save even more money.

Dionysus78 Sat 14-Oct-17 21:55:09

Mothercare Jive. Had years of use from mine. Really easy to fold as well. The only issue could be the lack of hood if you're going somewhere sunny/rainy, but you can get one separately. My dd's been in it since she was about 7 months, and it's still sturdy and big enough now that she's 3. I've just come back from holiday with mine, and it was a godsend.

Catlover1812 Sat 14-Oct-17 23:54:36

Babyzen yoyo. We got it for our holiday and it's great. It folds up into hand luggage size and has a strap so you can carry it on your shoulder. Most of my NCT group have it!

icclemunchy Sat 14-Oct-17 23:56:41

Have you considered a sling as an alternative? You’d be able to use it on the plane too that way

IamChipmunk Sun 15-Oct-17 08:37:49

We got a silver cross pop stroller for ds when going on holiday at 5mo he is now 3 and it's going strong and is used out and about as well as holidays. They are not cheap tho but i would highly recommend.

Cutesbabasmummy Sun 15-Oct-17 09:47:36

Baby jogger city lite! Amazing but not cheap.

Jfw82 Sun 15-Oct-17 09:57:51


Changerofname987654321 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:02:40

Silvercross zest. Not cheap but it is light weight and comes with a carry strap, has a huge canopy for shade and takes children up to 25kg. It also goes flat for sleeping.

We now use it was our main buggy.

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