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Feel like I'm going to break

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AllyWoodrow Wed 11-Oct-17 19:35:39

Sorry for the essay thank you for reading!

My partner and I have 2 children, our daughter who is 4 and his son who is 6 who's mother has decided sex, drugs and alcohol is more important then her son and hasn't bothered to see him for 2 years. I've been in his life since he was 6 months old and where his mother hasn't been around he calls me mum.

The 2 used to play brilliantly together but it's the last 6 months all they do is argue and bicker. First thing in the morning until bed time. All I hear every 2 minutes is "mummmm he did this" and "mummmm she did this". It's not to get my opinion, it's for them to try and scare each other that they're telling mum.

The 10% of the time they are getting along is them ganging up on me. If I discipline them 2 seconds later they're giggling and acting like anything I just said never happened.

My partner works longs hours at work and college and I also work so it's hard to work together as a team and I feel I'm doing it alone a lot.

I would class myself as quite strict as in, no feet on the coffee table, saying pardon after burping, don't swing on your chair, put your clothes in the wash bin, that kind of thing. If I have 1 of the kids they're perfectly well behaved. Together I'm finding myself getting to the breaking point most nights. Don't get me wrong, I know siblings argue and fight. But they're constant. I watch them in my wing mirror fighting in the back seat. I feel like anything I say or do doesn't work. No pudding, naughty step and taking toys away.

Help please!!

Giraffewith2 Thu 12-Oct-17 20:30:27

This may not be much help but I would say they are being siblings! My two fight like cat and dog if left to their own devices. They seem to constantly pick at each other - it is sooo tiresome. Whenever I think ‘awww they’re playing nicely’ I know it won’t last long because one of them will look at the other one the wrong way and it will all go to pot.
I end up having a choice of playing with them and try to keep the peace or cook/clean/tidy etc.
Sorry not to be able to offer advice but I hope it helps to know you’re not alone.

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