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How soon after newborn did you go out?

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KimchiLaLa Tue 10-Oct-17 22:45:02

Just that really. Today I popped out for 2 hours while she was with her grandma sleeping. I can't take her out yet; in our culture she has to stay at home and her first trip will be to the temple. I felt so bad but at the same time got home refreshed and feeling like I'd had a break. How soon did you go out? What do you think is appropriate?

KingIrving Wed 11-Oct-17 00:28:50

Whatever makes the mum feel good is what is right. If you feel like spending the day in bed with the baby and not move for weeks, excellent. If you feel crushed by the walls and desperately need to get out even if only to the shop at the corner for a newspaper, do it.

Why would you feel bad about being outside. So next time, grab a blanket, go to the temple and from there the world is your and your DD's to explore.
And if you are lucky enough to have family around to look after her, go for it. Any time!

SleepingStandingUp Wed 11-Oct-17 00:37:07

We got discharged at 12 1/2 weeks. I did a shop at Morrison's whikat he was home with Daddy a few days later

Ohwell14 Wed 11-Oct-17 00:43:33

Two days after I had her I did my food shopping. I felt fine despite the many looks from nosy people who wanted to know how old baby was and then got annoyed that I was out so early. My body, my choice and despite the pain from my stitches I felt great

BendingSpoons Wed 11-Oct-17 08:04:11

We came home on day 2, day 3 went for a walk to the park (with DD), day 4 or 5 went for lunch with DH and DD (although it was about 4pm when we got there). For me, staying in the house would have been bad for my mental health and I was physically well enough to go short distances. I didn't go out without DD for ages though, apart from to the local shop, as she wanted to feed all the time and I was anxious about not being there. With hindsight I'm sure she could have coped for 30 mins!

Shirelassy Wed 11-Oct-17 09:13:14

With my daughter we didn't leave home for about 2weeks! We were very paranoid first time parents blush

With my son we went to supermarket and Homebase in way home from hospital and were out and about in the days that followed. Although I was sore and we were all shattered it felt good to get out in the fresh air with him smile

Ecureuil Wed 11-Oct-17 09:16:07

I took DD1 to a cafe for lunch at less than 24 hours old (we were discharged same day). Not sure when I went out on my own, I think I went and did some Christmas shopping alone when she was a couple of weeks old.

Ecureuil Wed 11-Oct-17 09:17:56

I don’t think there’s an ‘appropriate’ time though is there? Whenever you want to and are happy to. DH went to Tesco as soon as we got home from the hospital and no one would consider that inappropriate. If you want to go out, and someone is looking after your baby then what’s the problem?

mindutopia Wed 11-Oct-17 13:04:03

Do you mean with baby or without? I suspect we might have taken her with us to do the food shopping after about a week or so (before that, we ordered online). In terms of one my own, we went out to lunch at the pub down the road, literally about a minute's walk from our house, when grandparents were visiting at 6 weeks. Honestly, everything was hard enough early on and she had a lot of feeding issues so it wasn't really a priority to do much for myself alone early on, but if you are feeling up for it, there's no reason not.

PotteringAlong Wed 11-Oct-17 13:06:20

Without the baby? Probably about 5 months for the first 2 - the third I left at 3 months as my eldest needed an operation. Out as in out of the house? Within 24 hours of being at home.

Natsku Wed 11-Oct-17 13:08:42

With baby - a couple days after getting home to take her to the midwife appointment.
Can't remember when I first went out without her (but ex was a cunt who wouldn't do any actual parenting)

Anatidae Wed 11-Oct-17 13:08:50

Without the baby?

Ten months. 😱

Natsku Wed 11-Oct-17 13:09:28

Actually wait, I do remember, after a weekish when I had to go to the hospital because of pains and didn't want to take a newborn to a germ-ridden A&E.

NerrSnerr Wed 11-Oct-17 13:11:04

We got discharged on Saturday and we took her to drop and pick my eldest at nursery on the Monday and we went out for a meal with her on the Wednesday.

confused123456 Wed 11-Oct-17 13:11:05

Our ds was in hospital for 12 days. I think we took him out for a short walk the day after he came home. So be would have been nearly 2 weeks old.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 11-Oct-17 13:16:54

We came home when DS was 3 days old, we went to DH's ex's wedding two days later with DS.

notangelinajolie Wed 11-Oct-17 13:25:33

For me, it depended on how I was feeling. With 2nd baby we called at Tesco's for nappies on the way home from hospital and then called at my mum's to introduce her to baby. Baby was less than 24 hours old. I was totally buzzing after that birth!

First baby however, was a whole different thing as it was a difficult forceps birth which left me quite traumatised and very, very battered and bruised. It took a week before I could walk so it was a while before I felt ready to go out with baby. I think our first outing was to my mum's that time also.

peppapigearworm Wed 11-Oct-17 13:29:26

With her, about 3 hours. Without her, about 2 months.

LaContessaDiPlump Wed 11-Oct-17 13:36:02

I went to the shops on my own around 5 days postpartum (ds1). He was taken out for his first walk at 1 week. We were so paranoid and forgot our own coats so had to shelter in a hedge. He was fine sleeping under the raincover grin

With DS2 we went to a picnic in the park less than 36h later. People did give me funny looks, I'll admit!! I think I was out on my own at around 12 days after he was born (trip to town after being told he needed formula - I reasoned that he didn't need me any more so why stay?). Looking back that wasn't a healthy way to think, was it confused

Blueskyrain Wed 11-Oct-17 15:04:28

With my child, day 4 (after section), without her, 2-3 weeks to go to a party, baby stayed with in with dad.

ineedwine99 Wed 11-Oct-17 15:07:56

2 days old, released from hospital at 9pm, next morning we were all out shopping for new baby clothes as she was too small for what we had at home, plus i wanted to get out

BrawneLamia Wed 11-Oct-17 15:09:05

With my first, we were in hospital for a week, then we stayed in the house for about a week after that. She was premature and it was mid winter and snowing.

I had Dc2 at home and took him out at two days old for his newborn check at the hospital.

Luckystar1 Wed 11-Oct-17 15:12:26

With baby, straight away, was discharged same day with both and we went to the shops immediate.

Without baby.... err, 12 months for 1st, can't remember with 2nd. We have no help locally so leaving them isn't easy.

Mulch Wed 11-Oct-17 15:13:35

I was walking the dogs next day. My friend didn't leave the house in a month, she was perfectly happy to let hubby do errands. Everyone's different

SpinDry Wed 11-Oct-17 15:23:18

Dd2 went shopping with us at 1 day old, and to the park with her big sister at 2 days. Shes also been coming to work with me since she was 2 weeks old as I run my own business.

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