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2 yr old made himself sick screaming

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PrideOfLions Mon 09-Oct-17 20:55:59


My two year old DS has started screaming at bedtime. It now takes him an hour or so of on/off crying for him to settle. He was a terrible sleeper when he was younger but for the last six months things have been good.

I have no idea what has happened. He did start preschool (3 hours in the mornings) at the beginning of September, but he seems very settled there - runs in happily and waves me goodbye. No other big changes going on.

He has always taken 30/45 minutes to settle but he used to just sing to himself. Then he started wanting me to sit outside his door at bedtime, now he just cries to get out, takes his sleeping bag and nappy off, tries to climb up the cot and screams.

Tonight I finally told him I was going downstairs and just let him cry it out (having reassured him for an hour to no avail). Which resulted in hysteria and then him throwing up on both of us. Which was horrible, and I obviously feel massive guilt for letting him get that upset.

He only sleeps for an hour at lunchtime, if he doesn't sleep he gets very ratty by 6pm. However the last few days have been really tricky at nap time too. Perhaps we should cut the nap? I am just worriedly because he sleeps about 2015/2030 - 0615 which doesn't seem like enough.

Please help!

InDubiousBattle Tue 10-Oct-17 21:31:39

I wouldn't cut the nap at 2 (or Ever! ), is he just 2 or nearly 3? Have you considered moving him to a bed from a cot?

If he needs you to sit outside his door tbh I would do that. Reassure him complete that you are not going anywhere and then let him fall asleep secure in the knowledge that you there. It could be a phase so, once he's feeling more secure he might revert back to sleeping independently. How does he nap?

littledinaco Tue 10-Oct-17 21:39:50

It doesn't sound like she's getting enough sleep, an hours nap isn't long and 8 is quite a late bedtime with a 6am start. He might be overtired especially if he's just started nursery, even when they are happy there it can completely exhaust them.

Often they can be difficult/upset going down when overtired. Can you try putting him down earlier?

I agree with dubiousbattle I would stay with him/outside the door if that's what he needs for now. He will probably go back to settling on his own. Nursery can be so overwhelming, he might just need the security of you there with him at bedtime.

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