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Anyone else's baby hate cuddles?

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twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 20:52:12

Feeling a bit rejected lately. My 11 month old rarely lets me cuddle him. If I pick him up he'll arch his back and shout to get down, if I move him away from something he'll shout and kick out with his legs and arch his back. If I try to cuddle him he squirms and shouts and tries to throw himself off my knee.
He will let me throw him around and tickle him and make him laugh, but even when he's just woken up he's kicking off trying to get onto the floor to crawl around.
Did people with non cuddly babies end up with cuddly toddlers. He's never snuggled into me, he will occasionally sit on my knee if he's distracted by the tv.
My first little one was, and still is a cuddle monster, she squeezes me so tight and I love it!

twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 21:07:23

Just my child then 😏

Smarshian Mon 09-Oct-17 21:08:30

Nope my nine month old is the same. I like that she's independent!

twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 21:12:59

I like that he's independent don't get me wrong, but I am missing the squidgy baby cuddles. I literally get kicked in the stomach when I pick him up for some love!

JuniUmiZoomi Mon 09-Oct-17 21:16:21

My daughter was like that, it made me a bit sad. However, now she is nearly 3 I can barely move without cuddles being demanded. It can get a bit ridiculous! So it's probably just stacking up for the future.

IrregularCommentary Mon 09-Oct-17 21:18:27

Mine's only 13 months so no idea what the future will hold, but cuddly she is not! You're not alone OP.

Wreckingball25 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:20:49

10 month old daughter who has perfected the rugby palm-off as well as the arched back and the wriggle sad
I let her nap on me if we’ve nowhere to be just so I get a cuddle.
Also the ergobaby sling is useful on public transport!!

twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 21:25:34

He won't nap on me unless he's poorly! I live in hope that one day he will wrap those chubby arms round my neck!!!

kingfishergreen Mon 09-Oct-17 21:28:01

DD is almost a year and is exactly like this.

She'll occasionally settle for a cuddle when she's so overwhelmed by tiredness/illness that she hasn't got the strength to arch away.

She's like a slippery eel-cat, you pick her up, she gets all long and thin and slidey.

She also likes to studiously try to remove my eyeballs but pushing her tiny, razor sharp finger nail into my eye socket.

Sometimes she'll reach out to me from someone else's arms, or the floor and I'll think my luck is in, only for her to turn into the aforementioned eel-cat.

tumtitum Mon 09-Oct-17 21:30:00

Eel-cat 😂 I only get cuddles when I pick DD up from nursery!

McGintyii Mon 09-Oct-17 21:31:23

My one year old DD is like this, she’s a busy little person and has no need for cuddles, except when she’s under the weather. It’s a bit gutting when they squirm and push at you! I’m hoping she will grow to like being squeezed cuddled in time grin

MrsKCastle Mon 09-Oct-17 21:31:33

Aww, my eldest DD was like that. She just wanted to be off exploring, couldn't bear to sit and he cuddled. DH and I always knew if she was feeling really poorly because it was the only time she'd let us cuddle her.

She is 9 now and the most ridiculously cuddly child imaginable! Straight into our bed for cuddles as soon as she wakes every morning. Not sure exactly when it changed, but there is hope!

twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 21:33:49

Eel-cat! That's the perfect description. He's a slippery little boy!!! Very occasionally he'll put his arms up for what I think will be a cuddle, but it's just so he can use me to get to something he couldn't normally reach!!!

Sweetpotatoaddict Mon 09-Oct-17 21:34:19

My ds was exactly like that, now lhe's nearly 3 he now shouts for cuddles. Likes to cuddle his friends, and gets upset if he doesn't get a cuddle before bed. My dd has always loved cuddles, all different little personalities.

justinelibertine Mon 09-Oct-17 21:37:18

Mine was until this summer, she also used to refused eye contact so we are down the ASD testing route, but it seems to have come now. I love her to look me in the eye and I now get hugs and kisses. (I ask for a big squeeze.) I'm amazed. I think OP, it'll come. You will get them soon. :D

Wreckingball25 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:40:13

LOVE eel-cat!
Ours even holds her arms out to friends of ours to fool them that she wants a cuddle, but she just wants to high-five them hmm

Rach5l Mon 09-Oct-17 21:47:53

Awww mine did, he was so wriggley & bony & giraffe like! Cuddles came though about age 2/3 & he’s 12 now & still hugs me goodbye & hello smile

Sarahh2014 Mon 09-Oct-17 21:49:49

My Ds 3 has never been that cuddly even when really i got a chihuahua to get my cuddly fix 🤣

MakeMeAFloozy Mon 09-Oct-17 21:51:58

My first loved cuddles and my second hated them. He's 2 now and although he now loves cuddles they are only allowed when he has requested it. Otherwise no

twodoors Mon 09-Oct-17 21:53:19

Oh gosh, mixed bag! So he may never be cuddly 😩 the more I try and squidge him the more he protests!!!

ClownsAndJokers Mon 09-Oct-17 21:57:56

My youngest is like this too! Cuddles are very brief and on his terms, he prefers to sit on the floor even when we read a story at bedtime! The total opposite of my other two who slept in my bed and loved cuddles. Gutted as he’s my last and it feels like he’s very independent already.

justinelibertine Mon 09-Oct-17 23:00:43

He might not be cuddly, but I think he will always need his mummy. (god, that sounds netmumsish, sorry)

Gillian1980 Tue 10-Oct-17 00:32:21

My dd has gone through various phases, from refusing any cuddles and screaming if I dared to give her one through to being like a piece of Velcro.

She’s currently very cuddly indeed.

You’ll probably find that he’ll chop and change a bit.

WombOfOnesOwn Tue 10-Oct-17 02:46:00

My son was quite un-cuddly throughout the time when he was cruising furniture and learning to walk. He's still very independent for his age (19 months) but now that he's more confident in walking, he seems to have some time for cuddles, especially when sleepy.

OutComeTheWolves Tue 10-Oct-17 05:46:32

Mine was until he hit about two and now he's always asking for cuddles.

When he was younger, he just wanted to be on the move but the novelty of that has worn off now!

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