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kerrieD123 Mon 09-Oct-17 19:17:02

Hi I am a first time mum to a 10 week old Girl that has been very unsettled. She has been to the doctors and they had said all her symptoms sound like reflux and suggested I change her milk to c&g comfort milk they have also give me a thickener for her milk. I have tried keeping her up right for half an hour after her feeds, I have been using the thickener for a week now and no change she is still very unsettled, I have not yet changed her milk as comfort milk is for colic and constipation and she is definitely not constipated has been having very watery bowel movement twice a day for 3 weeks. Anyone else have any advise on what I should do it would be much appreciated?
Thanks x

Kat160417 Mon 09-Oct-17 19:23:08

Hi Kerrie!


My dd is now 6 months but we changed to c&g comfort as is was pretty obvious she had colic and it worked wonders! Also i dont know what your dd is sleeping in but I had a next2me which allowed you to drop one side so dd was inclined a bit at the top which again worked wonders when she was sleeping.

If you don't have a next2me you cpuld roll and towel up and put this under dd for when she sleeps.

I know you said the drs have said reflux and I'm not a dr myself but it could be colic. We also tried infacol but dd seems to have a sensitive stomach to things like that so we just ended up having to ride it out and iy did eventually get better

Changerofname987654321 Tue 10-Oct-17 12:25:18

Colic is unexplained crying.

My DD had reflux what are your baby’s symptoms? DD improved with gaviscon thicker but the amount she needed caused constipation so we changed to rantitadine.

kerrieD123 Tue 10-Oct-17 22:01:08

Hi thanks you and thanks for the replies.
I do think she has a touch of colic in he evenings.
I have a next2me and have had to tilt it since Dd was one month as she won't lay flat and just pulls he We legs up crying in pain, she has also been spitting up small amounts of her milk.
I changed her to comfort milk this morning and today she has been doing great so far bringing up her wind a lot better too. I really hope this works for her. Only time will tell I suppose smile

kerrieD123 Tue 10-Oct-17 22:04:13

Also how many months old was your Dd's before their reflux and colic left? confused

Kat160417 Tue 10-Oct-17 23:00:55

Pulling legs up is a classic sign of colic but im glad she seems to be better on the comfort milk. Don't be alarmed but it does make them stink lol!

Dd still has reflux but colic went probably just after 3 months

JessPidcock94 Thu 12-Oct-17 16:05:51

Hiya, I went doctors every fortnight with my son to get help for reflux. He started on the baby gaviscon but that stopped working and he went on to ritiadine (I think it's spelt like that). That helped but not 100%. He is now 6 months, starting solids and a different baby.
Stay strong, it doesn't last forever.

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