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Social Services and informing work.

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ColaAddict Thu 05-Oct-17 17:38:27

NC for this as could be outing. Asking on behalf of my friend.

My friends ex DP has been contacted by social services regarding concerns of neglect of their children. He was informed of the concerns by social services. He’s obviously very worried about the children but she’s recently moved house and won’t tell him where. She’s now told him that her work have been informed and she had been suspended. She works with vulnerable adults. My friend doesn’t know whether to believe if work are able to do this to her. So the question is, can her work do this or is she lying?
Thank you!

Gillian1980 Thu 05-Oct-17 18:09:06

I would think that sounds reasonable.

If she's being investigated for neglect then it makes sense for her employer to suspend to potentially protect their clients until ss have concluded their investigation.

If she is found to have been neglectful then it will show on her dbs etc and she may not be able to work in a carer role in the future.

AshleySilver Thu 05-Oct-17 18:42:04

Us strangers on the internet are not going to be able to answer that one for you.

It's plausible that her work could suspended her pending an investigation if such a suspension is part of their safeguarding policy.

It's equally plausible that her work have not been contacted at all by ss and she made the whole thing up.

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