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Feel like a terrible mum

(6 Posts)
xhannahx Wed 04-Oct-17 09:45:52

So after waking multiple times in the night, and having 2 night feeds, my 8 month old DD has refused her morning nap.

I have an appointment at 1230 which is an hour away which leaves me with no choice but to keep her up until I leave at 1130 so she will sleep in the car.

She is already completely exhausted, and I feel horrible. I can't let her sleep as

A. She absolutely hates the car, she will scream murder the entire 1 hour journey if she is awake so I need her to sleep.

B. She absolutely will not sleep in her pram whilst out, unless I walk her around for at least 1 hour. I am 4 month pregnant and don't have the energy.

I feel like such a fucking failure!

Smurfy23 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:52:40

You are not a failure nor a terrible mum. Hope your day went ok and dd got some sleep

emma1282 Thu 05-Oct-17 11:08:51

The fact that you are feeling for this itself means that you are a good mom and not a terrible one smile

Handling another child while carrying one is a difficult thing to do.Are you not getting any help from your OH or anyone else?

xhannahx Thu 05-Oct-17 11:23:42

Oh helps when he's not working, and is amazing, but during the week I have no help what so ever, never have, so I am completely alone on that front.

skankingpiglet Thu 05-Oct-17 15:14:32

Don't feel bad, you made the best of a bad choice. An hour of tired grumbling is better than screaming in the car when the baby can't be comforted and you're distracted from the road.

cornishgirl17 Fri 06-Oct-17 19:31:34

The fact you are worried about being a terrible mother, means you are a great mum.

Parenting is tiring, plus the pregnancy!

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