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Wheezy 2 week old

(8 Posts)
sthitch Tue 26-Sep-17 02:50:37

My dd is 2 weeks old and has had a little wheezing noise when feeding most times- last night she kept making these huge wheezing sounds in her sleep and has been wheezing loudly whilst feeding, she coughs occasionally. She has had a good sleep and is taking her milk as normal but the wheezing is really loud, do we need to take her to be checked anywhere? We are yet to sign her up to the doctors (will do this tomorrow)

Fitzsimmons Tue 26-Sep-17 02:59:36

Wheezy as in she sounds like she's struggling to breathe or that she's making a sort of whistling noise. If it's the latter it is part and parcel of being a newborn. I was amazed at just how noisy they are with their whistles and snuffles. If you think she's struggling to breathe then yes you need to get her checked.

innagazing Tue 26-Sep-17 03:12:35

If you think she is struggling to breathe, then I would either phone 111 or an ambulance, depending on the severity. I don't think I'd leave it til the morning, on the premise that it's better to be safe than sorry.

segc94 Tue 26-Sep-17 03:14:13

I had similar concerns when my daughter was around 2 weeks, turns out it’s normal and they can get quite congested. But yeah it is surprising how noisy they can be!
My daughter is 8 weeks now and does it still occasionally but I think it’s something they grow out of.
If you are concerned and not registered at the dr’s yet, could you ring the place you gave birth for advise? Or you could ring your HV

highinthesky Tue 26-Sep-17 03:34:16

Congratulations on DD!

It's a tricky time as you're in the phase between midwife and HV. Please get her registered and in front of a GP asap. Many kids are "happy wheezers" but none of us will be able to confirm this is the case on the strength of this thread.

Changerofname987654321 Tue 26-Sep-17 03:59:45

New borns do make odd noises but please get any concerns checked.
If you ring 111 with an under 6 month they will be seen that night as they can't be reliably assessed over the phone so don't panic if they want your baby to seen urgently.

CosyPinkBlanket Tue 26-Sep-17 11:46:17

My dd was wheezing/snuffling as a new baby and it turned out she had a touch of rhinitis and floppy voice box so because she had to work hard to breath in through her nose, her voice box would collapse in on itself (it's called laryngomalacia) and made her wheeze and sound raspy. I'd take her to the GP. Did you raise it at her 6-week check up?

highinthesky Thu 28-Sep-17 08:29:56

Any update? I'd like to know that DD has had a medical assessment.

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