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sling for a large, tall newborn?

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LuckyTwiglet Tue 19-Sep-17 20:08:55

My baby is 2 weeks old and about 11lb and really long! She loves being in the sling (we have an ergobaby), but she seems to have almost grown out of the newborn insert in terms of height, however not in terms of any of the other factors that mean we could discard the insert (she obviously couldn't sit with her legs out of the sides, or support her head, which comes quite far out the top and isn't now properly supported by the insert. Taking the insert out doesn't feel a good fit yet).

Does anyone have any experience of this, or tips as to how to make the sling work for us now, or alternatively any recommendations for a good sling for a tall, heavy newborn?


Eeeeek2 Tue 19-Sep-17 20:47:25

Have you taken the cushion out of the insert?

Failing that I'd highly recommend an amawrap until the ergo fits better

DesignedForLife Tue 19-Sep-17 23:48:06

We got on well with a close caboo with big & long newborns, probably until about 4 months then switched to ergo (which my very tall 3 year old took a ride in a couple weeks ago!)

penguinpurple Wed 20-Sep-17 03:09:05

My very tall baby is nearly 2.5 months. I have an amawrap (stretchy sling) which was ok but to be honest he has always felt too big for it. I'm now waiting for my ergo baby to arrive. In the sling his head seems to stick out really far over the top and it's hard to support it. I often end up holding his head with one hand which partly defeats the object of having him in a sling!

NotTheCoolMum Wed 20-Sep-17 03:34:26

DS was and is a chunk. I used a stretchy wrap. Brand name sleepy wrap. I used the side of the wrap to support his head but like PP also used my hand a lot of the time as he preferred to have his head out despite being too young. I found the stretchy was more comfortable for him as newborn than a more structured carrier. There are some good videos on YouTube about how to tie a stretchy correctly so baby is supported.

Elllicam Wed 20-Sep-17 04:02:41

I used the connecta from about 5 weeks with my long, 9lb 6 baby.

LuckyTwiglet Wed 20-Sep-17 04:34:31

thanks everyone!

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