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Parenting books re school-age up: any recommendations?

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binkie Wed 14-Jul-04 13:43:01

Following on from the "new parent" recommendations.

As the wonderful "What to Expect" series only goes up to age 4, anyone have any suggestions for books on older children which are similarly thorough and offer lots of different ideas? (I'm not really a fan of the Steve Biddulph one ideal approach kind of book.)

I've got Christopher Green's "Beyond Toddlerdom". Any others?

binkie Mon 19-Jul-04 12:33:15

bump ... anyone - please? We have a new nanny starting who hasn't done school age children before and she'd really like ideas too.

Or maybe older children vary so much that they can't all be covered in a single book, so I ought just to try everything in the library?

zebra Tue 20-Jul-04 17:15:16

I'll bump, too, I wouldn't mind recommendations!
How to Talk so that Kids will Listen must apply. Often promoted on MN... And the Sibling Rivalry book by the same people (I found that v. interesting). Any others?

StickyNote Tue 20-Jul-04 17:21:11

I've found "Beyond Toddlerdom" a good all round guide and "How to talk etc." very useful as well. Most others seem to cover specific behaviours or problems e.g. shyness, being bullied etc. probably because the range of different problems in this age group is so vast.

candy Tue 20-Jul-04 19:26:06

"How To talk So Kids Will Listen" is brilliant if a bit "American" - I try to use the ideas in the classroom with moody teenagers too - the advice is very sensible but so easy to forget when you're feeling tired - when I can remember, I always feel like supermum! Does anybody know any good books specifically about raising girls?

zebra Tue 20-Jul-04 19:34:22

"Raising a Bright Child" (or something like that) talks a lot about making sure girls dont underachieve.

frogs Wed 04-Aug-04 08:28:22

Binkie -- I've just tracked down the book that was floating around in the recesses of my memory. It's called Parents on Parenting by Sarah Johnson, and is out of print, but available 2nd hand from Amazon here .

It's one of only two parenting books I've ever encountered that was full of useful ideas and thoughts to ponder, and managed not to be irritating or patronising. It's based mainly on interviews with lots of different families.

The other books is Libby Purves's one about older children, rather than just babies.

doulasarah Mon 14-Sep-09 15:33:02

Wow I am so touched and moved to find this endorsement here and on Mumsnet of all places! Alas the book has been out of print for ages but as the author I do have a few copies in the loft if anyone is interested!
Sarah Johnson

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