Sticky out ears....anyone used ear buddies?

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annieapple7 Fri 30-Mar-07 22:24:05

My 9 week old daughter's ears are a bit sticky outy and I saw an advert in the Bounty magazine about "ear buddies" - splints to rectify it. Has anyone used them and would you recommend them?

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fireflyfairy2 Fri 30-Mar-07 22:25:41


Isn't she prefect as she is?

My mum made us paranoid about our ears. She used to put 2 plaits or ponytails low down, and tie them so they were over our ears

I'm sure she is adorable.... leave her wee ears alone

annieapple7 Fri 30-Mar-07 22:28:24

Yes she is perfect but I wonder if she will thank me later if I sort them out painlessly now??

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fireflyfairy2 Fri 30-Mar-07 22:32:17

Hm, do you or dh have sticky out ears?

I must admit that the first thing my sister said to BIL @ nieces birth was "Does she have my ears?"

Must google ear buddie & see what they are.

chocolateface Fri 30-Mar-07 22:34:37

When my DD was born her ears were like little shells - not just sticking out like DH.When she was 3 days old Dr. suggested having them pinned back when she was about 5. My sister showed me an article in Nurserey World. I put the EAR BUDDIES in when she was about 6 weeks ( it was tricky - I did it when she was asleep) Basically they did work. I took them out when she was 2 1/2 months, with hindsight I should have left them in longer. TBH, her ears do stick out a bit now, but I don't think she'll want them pinned back. I definately recommend.Don't forget to take before and after photos.

pelvicflawed Sat 31-Mar-07 18:16:58

DS has err prominent ears - they are a carbon copy of DH's!! DH got a lot of teasing at school so we used ear buddies as DH didn't want DS to go through what he did. We only used them on one ear that was really sticky out. They are quite fiddly to use and you have to be fairly determined with them - we had them on DS for about 2 mths - the ear in question is definately now more streamlined. DS still has prominent ears but they are more even now - I love them though (just like I love his daddy's!!!!)

annieapple7 Sun 01-Apr-07 19:08:52

thanks for your feedback, glad to know that they work, will probably give them a go

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gloriao Sat 31-Oct-09 09:42:41

I've been using ear buddies on my 15 week old daughter for 4 weeks and I'm already noticing the results.

Its just for a few weeks and that will save her a lot of bullying at school for having ears that stick out and will also save me a lot of money in plastic surgery when she's a bit older and miserable about her ears.

I don't want my daughter to be limited to certain hairstyles that cover her ears all her life and the day she gets married I want her to have the option of having her hair up if so she wishes.

I think a small effort for a few weeks now will pay in the long term.

And by the way, I am a trained child psyschologist, and can guarrantee you that your baby will not be psychologically scarred because you tape her ears back for a few weeks while she is a baby.

Good luck!

shinybaubles Sat 31-Oct-09 17:32:12

Yes I used them ds had one ear that stuck out more than the other, and they worked he now has normal ears or at least equally matched ones wink .

stilldazed Sun 01-Nov-09 17:40:38

I've never heard of them, but would give them ago rather than surgery.

My baby is 5 months it too late to start using them??

raggamuffin Mon 02-Nov-09 13:23:21

I used them for my DD's oddly shaped ears - don't buy them would be my advice - impossible to keep on when BF, getting the tape off was awful and DD ended up with a bald patch and to top it all the company were horrible to me when I said they had not worked and wanted my money back - threatened me if I ever said the product was no good - stay away from them!

LynetteScavo Mon 02-Nov-09 13:35:44

Yes I have used them, and yes they work.

DD was born with deforemed ears (curved like little shells) - ear buddies staigtened them so now they just stick out.

I put them on at four weeks and left thme on for 2 months. I should probably left them on longer, but was in a totallys tress aobut everything at them time, so jsut took them off.

Yes they are tricky to apply...I had to keep re appying them, but got quite good at it. I always did it when dd was asleep. The company sent me more sticky strips when I requested them, Your are not supposed to take them out at all, but I had to to as the tape came off.

DD was left with a slight blad patch where the tape had been, but it re-grew quickly, and was a small price to pay for her having straight (if sticky out) ears. I didn't realise how well they had worked untill I saw before and after photos.

They work best if applied at birth, so if your baby is already 9 weeks old, you will probably have to leave them in for 6 months, I would imagine.

I have posted about ear buddies before on MN, so it might be worth searching the archives.

Remember thogh, that she might "grow" into her ears. DH still thinks he has sticky out eares, as his did seem to stick out as a child, but they honestly don't now.

raggamuffin Mon 02-Nov-09 13:38:03

I found the people at the company unsympathetic, unhelpful and downright horrible.

shinybaubles Mon 02-Nov-09 16:27:29

We had no problems at all in fact we haved a tiny patch of ds's hair off where the tape would attach, to make it easier to do, also remove the tape after a bath or in the bath much easier, and you don't need to buy more tape from them and chemists will sell similar.

twentyseven Mon 18-Jan-10 01:31:29

I am twenty seven year old female who has 'pokey ears.' It never even registered that they were different until my best friend got hers, similar to mine, pinned back at 15. That is when i became a bit self concious but I can deal with it.

I was never teased at school. No kid ever said anything to me and I wore my hair up.

Be careful what messages you are sending your children about their appearance at any age. In fact, you are probably judging them more harshly than strangers will. Also you are teaching them that they need to look a certain way to be accepted by you and others. They will become approval addicts.

My extended family told my mum to pin my ears, tape them back etc when I was a toddler. She told them all to get stuffed!

solo Mon 18-Jan-10 01:43:04

They won't remember anything about it if it's dealt with as tiny babies twentyseven, so I don't think your post is really valid. OTOH, if the ears aren't dealt with and the children are teased/bullied because of their ears, then yes, there may well be issues of the child needing/seeking approval all the time. I think you were/are in a minority of not being picked on tbh and were lucky.

ilovehenryboy Mon 18-Jan-10 14:39:09

hiya i think they sound great, to be honest. My ears stuck out lots and i remember my mum saying that when i was about 2 years old the doctor said to her that he expected me to want to have my ears pinned back when i was older... i'm 31 now, and had my ears pinned back at the age of 11 - they were at 90 degree angles to my head and children at school would flick them and ask me where i was flying to today - i got called dumbo etc etc. The recovery was very painful for ages - so anything that would help, i'd give it a go.

ngc4486 Mon 07-Jun-10 15:22:16

yes i highly recommend, my baby had stahl's bar (spock ear), it's so easy to correct if caught early.

Koochikoo2 Sun 17-Oct-10 21:28:08

Our LO was just over 3months old when we fitted the ear buddies. This is only the 5th day he's had them on but the tape has come loose already on one side, so as per instructions I just trimmed the loose part of tape and retaped with fresh tape over it.
I didn't think the tape would come loose so quickly as recommended they stay on 2-3 weeks if possible at a time.
I completely followed the washing and drying ears for 90mins routine before I fitted them. So i'm not sure why the tape has unstuck so quickly. Anyone else have a similar problem?
I did order the extra thick tape from the website but definitely don't think it will last right through if it has to be changed so often. So I will most likely buy some regular surgical tape from ebay or the likes.
I will repost when the 10weeks are up and let you all know how it went.
Oh and to kimbo try using the off plaster adhesive remover wipes as they make it much easier.
Good Luck

sneakapeak Mon 18-Oct-10 16:21:08

Damn damn. My DD has sticky out ears (god knows where from) but she is 10 months and id never heard of these Buddies. Too late now??

I don't want to get them pinned back later and make an issue out of it.

I agree it would be better to do at a very young age before they know anything about it.

Kids can be cruel and god knows, they don't need any further pressures as teenagers.

I just hope my DD grows into her ears now sad!

galelena Fri 31-Oct-14 11:03:08

Did work for your baby? How long did your baby use for?

MonanaGellar Fri 31-Oct-14 23:40:50

I know its a zombie recently revived so I shouldn't feed it but what a fucking depressing thread.

fourwoodenchairs Sat 01-Nov-14 15:55:34

Why is it depressing?

MonanaGellar Sat 01-Nov-14 16:09:02

I think it's pretty obvious really.

fourwoodenchairs Sat 01-Nov-14 16:34:28

Not to me it isn't, or I wouldn't have asked..

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