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Move to Ireland or stay for work

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user1498028015 Mon 10-Jul-17 20:44:30

This is a little strange I guess but I am in a complete dilemma and some stranger advice and outside perspective might be good!
Here goes, background is my OH is from Galway Ireland, and we currently live in London and have a DS who is ten months old. I have stopped work for the time being and am stahm. Anyway we have been debating the move to Ireland for a while as DP would love to work for himself again and go into business with his family, we have a plot of land over there to build a house for ourselves and we agree it would be a much better life for DS over there. We were planning on going when our lease is up but were told today that we are being kicked out in September as landlord wants his house back.
On same day DP was offered amazing new job with large pay increase meaning we could save more toward building house etc if we stay another year in London. But we would need to find somewhere new to live and move and then would still be moving to Ireland eventually anyway.
I guess I'm just wondering what an outsider would say we should do?! Do we just pack up and go (my heart says yes) or do we stay and save (head says I suppose so!)
Sorry for long ramble.

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