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Cheapest way to take kids abroad in school holidays

(24 Posts)
user1478871196 Fri 07-Jul-17 18:31:31

Just after any suggestions people might have about taking kids abroad during the school holidays and not paying an arm and a leg.
Many thanks

imsorryiasked Fri 07-Jul-17 18:37:48

How many kids, what age, budget etc?

LIZS Fri 07-Jul-17 18:40:55

Ferry or Eurotunnel, self-catering , avoid travelling at weekends and go towards the end of August when European schools are due back.

imip Fri 07-Jul-17 18:42:25

And ... do you own a car, where do you live?

nancy75 Fri 07-Jul-17 18:45:02

Euro tunnel & air b&b in a not traditionally touristy place

user1478871196 Fri 07-Jul-17 19:34:47

Thanks for the reply
Live Shropshire, 4 children... 1 baby due in September , 5,8 and 11 year old. Budget wise just as reasonable as possible x

imip Fri 07-Jul-17 19:58:24

4 dc here and we drive, London based. We stay in caravan parks in Normandy and find it quite cheap. However, if your about to have a baby, would you prefer to keep it UK based?

user1478871196 Fri 07-Jul-17 19:59:30

Thanks for the reply. Looking for next year six weeks holidays as I'm thinking the baby will be older and the children haven't been abroad for a few years x

imip Fri 07-Jul-17 20:00:18

May half term we usually have an inset day either side of the week off. We sometimes book this week at a caravan site with water park. It's been the cheapest for us (we find it better not to air bnb when we are on our own, save it for when we meet family.

Sittinginthesun Fri 07-Jul-17 20:00:54

Drive and Eurocamp. We're doing a two centre holiday this year - I've managed to get one campsite for £200 for 4 nights.

MozzchopsThirty Fri 07-Jul-17 20:02:56

Fgs what an irritating thread!

So you want a cheap holiday for 6 weeks hmm

2 adults?
4 children?
Rough idea of where you'd consider?
Fly or drive?

Groovee Fri 07-Jul-17 20:05:21

I paid £2100 for a week AI in Salou for me and DH with the two teens. Flew from Manchester as it saved £1000 on the Scottish airports as it's not the English holidays. I have friends who drive up to Scotland when we return to school to save similar prices.

BikeRunSki Fri 07-Jul-17 20:05:22

I think the OP wants a holiday during the 6 week school summer holidays, not for 6 weeks.

ChildrensPartyNightmare Fri 07-Jul-17 20:06:26

Go last minute and don't use a travel agents. Also be prepared to go to non resort places!

Skyscanner for flights, and check all airports within a good radius. I regularly find flights for £20-30 return.

Somewhere like Rome for example, often has cheap flights, but you can hire a car and drive to the coast. for cheap accommodation. Always self catering, apartments are the best, especially if your non resort. You can put the kids to bed and sit on the balcony/in the living room and chill! Rather than sit through children's entertainment or drag tired kids out to restaurants.

ChildrensPartyNightmare Fri 07-Jul-17 20:09:56

If you use sky scanner, you can select a whole month, and not specify the designation.

You will then get a list by price order if all the cheap destinations

ginnystonic Fri 07-Jul-17 20:10:13

@MozzchopsThirty I don't see the problem?

OP is asking for cheap holiday ideas and tips on holidays abroad with kids.

TheTurnOfTheScrew Fri 07-Jul-17 20:10:47

organise it yourself
use budget airlines
fly into somewhere less obviously touristy, and then drive to wherever it is you really wanted to be e.g. flying into Granada instead of Malaga.

or go somewhere not traditionally "resorty". We had a great holiday in Germany earlier this year, and the southern bits around the Black Forest are nice and warm in the summer.

ChildrensPartyNightmare Fri 07-Jul-17 20:13:24

Right now from my airport the cheapest place to fly to is Ibiza for August. £38 return per person.

You then get to see a calendar and the cost for each day pp to fly.

Caprianna Fri 07-Jul-17 20:17:44

Airbnb and do self catering
Budget airline
Buy/plan in advance

user1478871196 Fri 07-Jul-17 20:59:38

Thanks everyone for your useful replies. We would consider most places as long as we can have a nice holiday . Five year old has some learning difficulties and hasn't been abroad yet so would be nice for him xx

BrieAndChilli Fri 07-Jul-17 21:07:17

We are a family of 5.
We went to the south of France for may half term but did Tue-tue as much cheaper and took them out of school for a couple of days (our LEA authorise up to 5 days holiday if attendance is over 96% the previous 12 months)
We did eurocamp - £200 for the week as for a 50% Code from kidspass.
Flights were £400 total.
We also hired a car for £230.

So not more than £1000 for a weeks holiday (we did got to paris fest for a night and got a sleeper train down but haven't included that as it was extra)
Not the summer hols but was still 34 degrees most days

BrieAndChilli Fri 07-Jul-17 21:08:40

We were in a static caravan at eurocamp not a tent

bakingaddict Fri 07-Jul-17 21:20:14

Start looking at your flights for next year in September this year. Budget airlines sell their cheapest seats about 10-11 months in advance. Once they are sold at that low price it moves up into the next price level.
Think about booking your hotel directly with the hotel group they often have 20-30% off early saver rates. It's really easy to book an airport transfer to pick you up as well.

lolalotta Fri 07-Jul-17 21:24:46

Following xxx

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