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5 day old boy breast feeding help ! Breast lump tongue tie ?

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Jambo123 Wed 05-Jul-17 22:40:35

Hi guys !! Hopefully many of you have read my other post our baby boy was born last Friday. The first few days he was breastfeeding a little and we also fed him using a cup

. As the amount of breast milk Has increased quite a lot we are feeding him breastmilk using a bottle. He has been doing more suckling and taking little bit of milk from the breast on the firstt few days as wel as trying very hard to suck however the last couple of days he does try sucking but then he falls asleep and then gives up.

Midwife suggested there is a tongue tie and couple of other midwives didn't see that ante and don't think there is. We have arranged for a consultation privately so that he can have that cut hopefully this will solve his suckling issues ??

My wife has had a lump type feeling we are on day 5 of lo being born she is really worried it could be infection and does not know if she is feeding and expressing too much or less please advise??

Heirhelp Thu 06-Jul-17 05:04:40

Try ringing the Nct breast feeding helpline or contact lll for advice.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 06-Jul-17 08:12:48

Agree with Heir. Your wife is probably best talking to one of the Bfing Helplines. Have you got the numbers?

Falling asleep on the breast can be quite normal though. Does LO's feeding look anything like this?

waterrat Thu 06-Jul-17 19:20:44

Hi, I know quite a bit about breastfeeding and my second had tounge tie which made feeding insanely painful for me so I may be able to help.

The absolutely most important thing is you get help from someone who if possible can see her feed - have you found all the local BF drop ins? The midwife if you haven't yet been discharged or the HV will be able to help with that. This is urgent - feeding problems have to be sorted asap.

falling asleep on the boob is totally normal - tickle the baby to wake him to get him to feed - its exhausting but normal.

can I ask why are you feeding with a bottle? It would be more effective in sorting out any BF problems if you feed from the boob as much as possible - is your wife in pain? You could use the bottle to help reduce pain from feeding - but if you are expressing then she isn't getting any rest from feeding anyway? She still has to express instead of resting.

I know how agonising it can be - but the baby needs to learn to suck on the boob and their little mouths get bigger after a couple of weeks.

re. tongue tie - don't wait for NHS referral - get a tounge tie expert - are you in London? - this incredible woman helped me - she knows EVERYTHING about tongue tie and feeding problems. She is expensive. But she came to my house and saved me from agonising pain it was worth it!

speak to her even if you are not in London.

waterrat Thu 06-Jul-17 19:22:27

sorry - should have said - you absolutely cannot feed too much.

Your wife would be in pain if she had an infection I think? Is there a reason she is expressing? Can't she just feed from the boob for now every time - it's better all round and will ensure she makes enough milk. Dont worry about the baby getting 'enough' milk - just feed on demand constantly - its horrendously exhausting for mum but it is just a few weeks of her life. Keep bringing your wife tea and chocolate and don't let her get up too much - she needs lots of water and food.

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