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Serious sleep deprivation, 6 week old

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Michaelsone1 Tue 27-Jun-17 09:44:45

I feel a bit down as getting 4 hours (broken) sleep a night. Second child is 6 weeks and he has never slept well right from the first night in the hospital where he woke all the baby's up on the ward and I had to hold him constantly. He was also very active in the womb with excessive movements.

He barely settles unless held, he sleeps for 20 minutes at a time normally but does tend to have 1 longer nap during the day which could be up to 2 hours, it could be in his bed, or bouncer or anywhere he'll finally settles. He is fed every 3 hours and is on 6oz already! He was a big baby born. However on the night he wakes every 2.5-3 hours for feeding, despite being nice and topped to during the day! I've tried dream feeds at 10:30, he still wakes up 2.5 hours later. Every night we have a problem with the 3:30-4 feed where he just won't settle after it. So I'm basically up from 3:30 onwards. He grunts, squeaks which I try ignoring but it soon turns into a cry and we only have 2 bed house so he's in our room and dh works so I do all the night feeds bar a Saturday night where he does it. He'll settle in my arms mostly but as soon as he's put back down he cries. He hated his basket so is now in his cot but he seems better in that and goes down well at bedtime which is about 8. Last night he had a dream feed at 10:30, didnt work and woke at 1:30 and didn't sleep a wink until 4:00 where I had to go and do him yet another bottle. Before that he just grunted, squeaked etc. He brings his wind up brilliantly and burps louder than most blokes so I don't think that's an issue.

I've tried comfort milk, dr brown bottles which he began to take less milk on and hated the bottles, infacol, and currently using gaviscon in case of reflux. Nothing makes a difference. I'm getting really down, hubby works until 7 pm 6 days a week and I have a 2 year old. We used to be so close and now I can never play with her or anything because the baby takes up all of my time and washing, housework etc is piling up too. I feel so sad that me and my little girl can't spend time anymore.

Has anyone had this and when did it get better?

Michaelsone1 Tue 27-Jun-17 09:46:52

Forgot to add that I can think of a long list of things I love about my little boy but the fact he doesn't settle very well is really getting to me.

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