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putting 2 DC to bed in shared room

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flipflopson5thavenue Tue 20-Jun-17 20:33:33

DS are almost 5yo and 2.6yo and share a room.

About 6 weeks ago we finally moved from having to sit on the stairs outside their room, to leaving them on their own to go to sleep. For a couple of weeks it was bliss - we'd pop back up a few times to straighten duvets, give another kiss etc, but other than that it was amazing and they'd eventually fall asleep! We finally had our evenings back!!

But then.....the Fucking Around began.

It started when we started allowing them to bring a book or two into bed with them, to read for 10/15 mins before they went to sleep. We figured reading to themselves (obv the 2.5yo doesn't actually read...but he enjoys books) in bed isn't a bad habit to have and we were happy for them to do this.

But (and I should have known this given their track record..) this quickly escalated into endless discussions about who wanted which book, whose turn it was to read which one to whom etc. And when we'd go back in to say books away now, there then followed another 45/60 mins of chatting, messing around, banging their legs/selves on the beds.

The heat this last week hasn't helped - neither has the fact I've just come out of a week of solo-parenting, and they tend to mess around with me more anyway.

Thing is, they (mostly) do stay in their bed and their rooms, so all the techniques like rapid return etc, don't seem relevant. The problem is they won't shut up and go to sleep!!

I just end up either shouting empty threats (i mean really - what AM I going to do if they don't go to sleep...????) or ignoring them until it gets later and later, which given their ages, I don't think is the right thing. They really do need to go to sleep!!

Is the solution different bed times? That feels so cumbersome, but I guess we should try it. DC2 still has a nap at nursery 3 days a week, but the days he doesn't he's out like a light. Maybe we need to drop his nap totally, so he'd go to sleep quickly on his own, otherwise I feel DS1 would be getting to bed too late.

Urgh - share your routines with me to inspire me!!

AIMGA Tue 20-Jun-17 20:38:32

I totally feel your pain. I have DD1 (6) DD2 (4) and DS (8months)..
Both DDs are still awake, I started bedtime at 6pm!!!!!
It is so so so depressing. Just constant mucking about....flopping around..moaning...Argh!!

TigerBreadAddict Tue 20-Jun-17 20:47:13

It's the heat. No matter what they're all fucking around til 10/11. Don't change anything yet, wait it out.

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