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Local Kids always wanting to play in my garden

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united4ever Sun 18-Jun-17 18:34:44

My DS is 8 and has just recently started playing out with the kids in our and neighbouring streets. Once I let them play in the garden and about 6 other kids turned up and before I knew it there was about 8 of them (up to about age 12) and it was a bit too noisy/rowdy chaotic. Don't really want them to use it again - there's a field at the end of the street they can and do always play.

However, they always knock on the door now and ask if they can play with DS....even when he is not in they ask if they can play in my garden. I just keep saying No. I have no problem saying No if my DS is not even their to play with them, however, when my son is their they immediately ask him to ask me to play in the back garden.

What's the best way to tell them I don't want them to and to stop the repeated knocking on the door....I don't mind now and again but am thinking if I let them in sometimes they might be encouraged. They are also quite cheeky and not the most polite kids.

However, I do appreciate the chance fore my DS to play out and make friends....just don't want my garden to become the local park and don't want to be overly rude to my sons friends.

By the way, I only met one of the parents sbriefly - don't know the others, they all attend a different school too and we are fairly new to the area.

KatyN Mon 19-Jun-17 18:44:02

When I was little (and we had the best garden because we had a swing) my parents used to stick a sign to the front door to say we were having dinner and not available for playing!

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