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Ex and his partner turning son against mother

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user1497699830 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:12:17

I need serious help!!

My sister and her ex have a 6 yo son. They broke up in August and until he got with his new girlfriend in October everything was fine.

Since getting with the new gf though he has completely changed and my sister cannot get support anywhere. He reports her to social services all the time (nothing is followed up because SS have said they have no concerns). He has been physically violent and the police have visited him. He's harrassing her do much she wants a restraining order but mediation have said she can't block his number and the police have said there's not enough to get a restraining order.

She's been told she can't go to court until mediation is finished but he cancels every session and rebooks. He is meant to pay CSA every Friday but only pays it once every two weeks because CSA have said he has 5 working days to pay the missed payment, by which his next payment is due so he pays. She's had to delete Facebook because that's the only way to stop the abuse on there (the mediator said if she blocks him on there she's blocking contact).

His new partner should obviously not be around the 6yo. She arranged to meet my sister for coffee to try to settle things. My sister agreed and they met. This new gf asked, at the end of the coffee, to take the child to see his dad and my sister refused because it was her first day with the 6yo in 3 days as he had been with dad. Later on in the week dad informed my sister that he and the gf had broken up making my sister wonder where gf was going to possibly take their child??

This week, however, things have taken a new turn. Gf and dad are back together and gf has put on Facebook that my nephew would be better if my sister died and that she is going to encourage 6yo to call her mum. Police have said this is not a threat or a veiled threat or anything illegal or worthy of their attention.

6yo tells his mum that she's useless and he wants to live with his dad every time he comes back from seeing his dad and gf, but then tells mum that he wants to live with her when she gets upset (he's trying to please everyone). He's being used as a pawn by dad and gf to get at mum. He tells mum that he wishes he had 'a magic screw driver to fix every bodys' heads' and it's killing my sister. She's trying to protect him but it seems that by taking the moral high ground she's losing the battle.

My sister is getting daily abuse and feels there is nothing she can do to protect her or her son. She truly believes that her son would be better off without her because she's being told every day that she's a bad mother and she can't seem to get any support anywhere.

Does anyone have any advice on where we can go from here? Can she stop 6yo from seeing dad if gf is there? Can she stop access for dad until there is a court order because of the things they are saying to 6yo? Does the moral high ground really work in this sort of situation?

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