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Advice needed - 2 year old

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Sparklepants87 Thu 15-Jun-17 22:05:36

Im having one of those days where i feel like a complete failure as a parent!! I was just wondering if anyone could give me examples of their 2 year olds day, particularly their bed time routine. My little one will be 2 in July, we have somehow gotten into the routine of him sleeping in our bed!! I just feel like we have no routine and everything is chaotic, even meal times are a struggle as he doesnt eat and mostly plays with his food. When do your kids wake up? Do they still nap? When do they go to bed? Do they still get milk? What activities do they do throughout the day? Any and all advice appreciated 😊

Caterina99 Fri 16-Jun-17 15:34:18

My DS will be 2 next week. I'm a sahm, but he does 2 mornings at nursery per week. Our days are fairly routine:

7ish wake up and breakfast. He gets a cup of milk
9/10ish activity. We go to playgroup, meet friends at each other's houses, music class, soft play, swimming, basically get out of the house! Sometimes I have no plans and we stay at home or go to supermarket or appointment or whatever.
10ish snack
12ish lunch
1-3ish nap time!
3ish snack usually plus cup of milk
3.30-5.30 afternoon slot -either another activity if I have plans or do errands, play in garden
5.30/6 ish dinner
7 cup of warm milk
7.30 bedtime and stories. Usually asleep around 8pm

Not every day is the same. Yesterday he fell asleep in the car after a morning out and skipped his proper nap, so went to bed a bit earlier, and sometimes the meal times get shifted a bit, but in general that's our life! And also seems to be similar to my other sahm friends with similar aged kids

2littlemoos Sat 17-Jun-17 11:50:52

The lack of routine feels at a loss in our household too OP. Mostly it's fine but dinner is hard work as she is fussy and bedtime has become later due to sleep regression and late naps. We too co-sleep but I haven't the energy to switch her to her own room. Plus I co-sleep with 10mo (she is bf and very clingy with me) and I'm not sure my 2yo would understand very well that baby can be in my bed but she can't.

Anyway our day:

•Wake naturally between 7.30-8.30
•Breakfast within an hour of waking. We usually sit at the table and take our time but if we have an early group they eat while I get ready.
•Tues and Thurs we have groups. Mon and Weds I might head out to see friends, they may come here. Friday I tend to stay home as DP home earlier. Sometimes I have a good tidy while the telly is on in the background. But for the past few months we've been doing some crafts instead. So yesterday we made and decorated biscuits, and we played with playdough. I'd just received a laminated A3 scene of a farm and I used the animal cutters provided to make dough animals and she loved that. Maybe look into that sort of stuff.
•Lunch between 11.30-1 depending on when we woke.
•Nap between 12.30 and 1.30.
•Wake by 3. Then we might go in the garden. I'll have a tidy. Some tv. Toys etc. Generally pottering until DP home.
•Dinner between 5 and 6.
•Play after.
•we have milk and stories in the evening but I can't put a time as it really does vary. She hasn't fallen asleep until 10 at times if she's had a really late nap but I can't bare to drop it as it's my break time!

My advice would be to just go with it. Don't make meal times a war. It will get better. And I feel best when I've taken the girls out or visited friends who have toddlers because I feel like I've properly done something for her that day. And I've grown fondly of our chilled and crafty Fridays.

I am guilty of feeling I don't do enough but I think a lot of us do!

As long as they are happy, developing and aren't tired and grumpy (too often anyway) then we're doing alright!

Ecureuil Sat 17-Jun-17 12:18:05

Mine is 2 next month. She wakes up around 6.15. Has a cup of milk. Toast/banana/Greek yoghurt for breakfast usually. Pre school run for 3 year old at 9, then we usually go to a group of some sort (tumble tots etc). Home, lunch and a nap (not every day, maybe 3/4 out of 7). Nap no longer than an hour or she won't go to bed. Up, then we do something outdoors in the afternoon (park/walk the dog/play in the garden). Pick DD1 up at 3 then either take them both to the park or they play at home with playdoh/crafts/colouring until dinner at 5ish. Now the evenings are lighter we take the dog out again after dinner. Cup of milk at 6.30 followed by bath and bed, usually asleep for 7.15.
On the days they're both at home we usually go out for the day with a picnic somewhere outdoors (these are the days she doesn't tend to nap as she has refused the pushchair since 15 months!).
We had phases where everything seems to go to shit and all routine goes out the window, but that's a general idea!

Ecureuil Sat 17-Jun-17 12:19:17

Oh and she sleeps in a single bed in the same room as her sister. We've never co slept with her but did with DD1 (in fact she was still getting in with us at 3 but at 3.5 has finally broken the habit!)

InDubiousBattle Sat 17-Jun-17 21:35:56

My dd will be 2 next month and her routine is:
-7.30-8 wake up and breakfast
-12-12.30 lunch
- 1-3/3.30 nap
- 5.30 tea
-7.30 bed

Both nap an bedtime she just gets put into her cot and goes off to sleep in her own. She is very active, I don't drive so she does quite a lot of walking. We do toddler groups 2 days a week, play in the garden a lot, playground, park, library, walks etc.

Sparklepants87 Sun 18-Jun-17 06:37:59

Thank you all so much for your replies!! After reading them it would seem my routine is quite similar. I think i was just having one of those days and felt like a complete failure!! The main thing i need to work on is the bed time routine, im exhausted!! Thanks Guys 😘 xxx

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