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Have you got 3 children?

(182 Posts)
McDreamy Tue 20-Mar-07 10:58:45

What's it like? Is it that much different from 2? Why did you decide to have 3? Do you have anytime for yourself? Are you permenantly tired?

Just a few of my questions about having 3! I am so undecided!

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 10:59:07

much better

much less cutesy convenient
and no not much different

McDreamy Tue 20-Mar-07 11:00:07

Know what you mean about cutesy convenient cod - it all seems a bit perfect at the moment - I like a challenge!

sunnywong Tue 20-Mar-07 11:00:24

cooler ??

what about the inevitability of Awkward Middle Child Syndrome?

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:00:33

yes they outnumebr you
thast cool

hunkermunker Tue 20-Mar-07 11:00:59

Not unless I am VERY absentminded.

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:01:25

i odnt hink ds2 is awakward
he is mr charisma

Enid Tue 20-Mar-07 11:01:27

it is busy

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:01:44

2 is wanky " oh we have a boy and a gilr " wanky nuclear family

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:02:00

(end less whne dd3 is about 2)

Tortington Tue 20-Mar-07 11:02:26

i think anyone considering having any further children is mad.

i went from 1 to 3. you might be ever so lucky and have twins. awwwwwww cute.

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:02:54

its liek a bogof offer isnt it csuty

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Tue 20-Mar-07 11:02:55

my ds2 is awkward but he'd have been awkward anyway. It's in his genes.

ledodgy Tue 20-Mar-07 11:03:15

I have a wanky nuclear family!

<<<Ledodgy wanders off in search of wanky baskets to go with wanky family>>>

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:03:20

none of mine are awkward
what an odd theory

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:03:56

no they are wnkay baskets

the hting htta i detest is" OH " IVE GOT Y GIRL NOW " OR " OH IVE GOT MY BOY"

ledodgy Tue 20-Mar-07 11:05:01

Oh i'm not like that it's just that dp doesn't want another and I don't relish the thought of pregnancy again either, also financial reasons too.

Tortington Tue 20-Mar-07 11:05:08


only 4 more years and i will tell em "bog off - your bags are packed"

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:05:35

oh god am only kidding!
yes t owbabies fo one pelvic floor disintegratiion

ChippyMinton Tue 20-Mar-07 11:05:47

3 is fab, But then i am the 'awkward middle child' so take particular care to make sure DS2 doesn't suffer the same fate

hunkermunker Tue 20-Mar-07 11:06:15

LOL at one of each being wanky - as if you can choose!

However, totally agree that to say "I've got my <whatever> now" is wanky beyond anything.

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:06:33

oh eys hm

ledodgy Tue 20-Mar-07 11:06:34

God yes pelvic floor that's another reason atm I sneeze and trickle if I had another one I'd sneeze and flood!

CODalmighty Tue 20-Mar-07 11:07:00

my brother is nthe awkward middle child nad is a HUGELY rich lawyer wiht a lovely fmaily an is a great brother

MrsPhilipGlenister Tue 20-Mar-07 11:07:31

Three is cool. A two child family is as uncool as a two week holiday, these days.

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