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Help! 19 month old and nappy change

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FromAtoBin21months Tue 13-Jun-17 07:49:23

I am getting so fed up with DS's behaviour at nappy change. It's not every nappy it's when it's a pooey nappy. He rolls over onto his front and screams his head off like I'm hitting him or something (dread to think what the neighbours think). He doesn't have nappy rash or anything that looks painful and he only does it when I change him

Someone please help I'm sat upstairs crying cos I'm sick of it ( probably doesn't help I'm 31 weeks pregnant)

Bhar78 Tue 13-Jun-17 20:23:05

You poor thing.
Have you tried moving him to pull ups? I wish I had sooner with my DD1 rather than only discovering them when potty training. It meant most changes could be done standing up, I only needed to lie her down if she was very dirty. Was a godsend when out and about. They usually start from size 4 and were just as absorbent as nappies. I intend using them for DD2 as soon as she can stand/walk.
Otherwise, I know he is very young still but does he give signs when ready for a poo or go at a regular time? If so, it might be useful to let him sit on a potty as he might hate the sensation of the poo in his nappy. Not suggesting you go for full on potty training (especially while pregnant) but it can't do any harm if there is no pressure put on him.
Good luck x

crocodarl Tue 13-Jun-17 20:33:00

I used to hose mine down in the shower at this stage when they pooed and put the fresh nappy on standing up soon after they were able to stand, I think - pull-up or conventional nappy, it's easy enough (easier IMO) ... I think by this stage some of them start to feel a bit humiliated by having to lie down for changes, hence the huge fuss.

Admittedly, the shower tecnique is probably a terrible idea for you right now, as doing it pregant (and then the subsequent need to clean the shower tray) is obviously not ideal, to put it mildly...

I agree with Bhar78 regarding potty training flirtation, you never know your luck!!

Scotinoz Tue 13-Jun-17 20:58:09

Echo the others, pull ups! And try to teach him to stand and touch his toes when you wipe - full access to bottom for quick wiping (delightful). Plus it gets them good at pulling up pants etc

FromAtoBin21months Wed 14-Jun-17 14:00:34

Thank you for your replies everyone. I do put him in pull ups which he's absolutely fine with it's whenever he has a poo that causes the fuss. Perhaps it is to do with his age and laying down for a change

I did think about the shower option but like you say a little difficult at the moment

I don't think he's ready for potty training yet as he shows no signs when he's having a poo or wee. He has taken to pulling on his nappy when it's full, but he still has frequently wet nappies and there's no set times when he has a poo.

Definitely going to try the touching toes approach

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