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Toy ideas for 2 year old

(5 Posts)
Tinks15 Sun 11-Jun-17 18:14:56

DD is 2 in July & I'm struggling to think of things to get her & tell people of things to buy. Anyone have any ideas?? Before anyone suggests I've decided against toy kitchen just yet as I thought I'll get her that for Christmas. Thanks

villainousbroodmare Sun 11-Jun-17 18:19:05

Nice board books - anything published by Dorling Kindersley is very good quality. Farm animals are v popular here at present as well as a mini sweeping brush (DS is exactly the same age as your DD).

Bamaluz Sun 11-Jun-17 19:23:03

Happyland toys, there are loads to choose from.
Doll and pushchair
Train set
Garage and cars.

What about some toys for the garden, sand table, slide, ride on toys.

Tinks15 Sun 11-Jun-17 19:31:12

Thanks both.
Farm animals is a good one, train set I thought of today actually. She has lots of dolls.
I've suggested to a couple of people about garden toys, she has a sand & water table & a swing already but thinking maybe a small slide or a ride on car would be good.

Tattybogle89 Sun 11-Jun-17 20:07:08

Bath toys,foam shapes etc
Fisher price little people
Cozy coupe
Bubble toys
Ride on toys
Role play toys, kitchen food, doctors set, shopping trolley etc
Happyland train set
Or wooden train set easy to clip together and
Lasts for ever
Little trampoline with handle
Toy lawnmower, garden tools n pots etc for kids
Talking fridge magnet set like leap frog fridge phonics
Musical instruments
A build a bear
Aquadoodle mat


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