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WWYD DH wants to run marathon with 3.5 year old DS in running buggy

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Tchoutchou Sat 10-Jun-17 11:51:11

DH has run several marathons (PB around 3 hours 15) and is asking to do 1 with DS. DH regularly runs with DS in buggy (10k last week for example).

My view is DS strapped in a buggy for 3/4 hours is not a good idea.
DH says he can stop and have breaks but I think it's only going to make the whole thing longer.

WWYD? Let DH run the marathon or stick to my guns and say no?

megletthesecond Sat 10-Jun-17 11:56:38

A marathon sounds too long for him to be sitting down. If he's potty trained he'll have to take breaks for the loo / behind a hedge and if not it's a bit too long to be in a nappy. It's lovely he wants to do it with his ds but a shorter distance is more appropriate. Or is there a compromise and he can take the buggy from mile 20 and finish with him?

I agree with you here tbh.

DawnOfTheMombie Sat 10-Jun-17 11:57:54

confused sounds fine to me

ShelaghTurner Sat 10-Jun-17 12:01:02

Sounds ridiculous. Why on earth put your ds through that just for the hell of it? Might be ok for an hour but a whole marathon? Poor kid.

gleam Sat 10-Jun-17 12:02:05

Does DS enjoy it in general?

SirNiallDementia Sat 10-Jun-17 12:03:29

Why does your husband want to take your child on the marathon?

What on earth would your child get out of this??

It would not be fun at all for them to be strapped in a buggy for 4 hours, sounds really selfish of your husband to want to take him.

Anditstartsagain Sat 10-Jun-17 12:06:07

It's a lovely idea in theory but realistically your ds will be fed up need attention need food and the toilet. It's a load of hassle for a good story.

LizzieMacQueen Sat 10-Jun-17 12:08:07

Only if you arrange to be at the half way stage to take him home (DS not SH). Too long otherwise to be in a buggy.

Tchoutchou Sat 10-Jun-17 12:10:55

Reading with attention. Thanks for your views.

DS generally enjoys it. Does Park run most weeks. But a marathon is something else.

Why does DH want to do this?
No idea but like SirNiallDementia asks, can't see what there is in it for my son.

DawnOfTheMombie is OK with the idea. Anyone else? Why?

PrimalLass Sat 10-Jun-17 12:10:56

Poor kid. How boring for him.

Ratbagratty Sat 10-Jun-17 12:14:07

How will ds eat, drink, sunscreen, toilet, stretch legs? Maybe you need some more information before making a decision. But does sound like a bad idea to me!

TheHobbitMum Sat 10-Jun-17 12:15:22

I would absolutely let OH do this!

Flyingprettycretonnecurtains Sat 10-Jun-17 12:16:54

All he's going to see is a forest of legs. Aren't marathons rather busy, especially at the start. I would be worried about the jostling and other runners being pissed off that there is a buggy in the way. Likewise, more risk of someone crashing, running into your son.

PlaymobilPirate Sat 10-Jun-17 12:17:03

Won't the buggy just be in the way??

toffeeboffin Sat 10-Jun-17 12:17:39

What's the point in doing this? Surely he'll be bored stupid after ten minutes?

YellowLawn Sat 10-Jun-17 12:19:30

most organisers don't allow buggies in races.
and I also think it's too long. bith for your ds and dh

akkakk Sat 10-Jun-17 12:19:48

No idea but like SirNiallDementia asks, can't see what there is in it for my son.

And his son ???

Kit30 Sat 10-Jun-17 12:23:20

Really stupid and impractical idea. Poor DC! Or is this the latest fad? Force your kid to 'join in' your sporting activities so you can claim to be spending 'quality time' with them regardless of their needs/wants. Sounds like a dad competition to me and justification for DP doing what he wants. But then I feel sorry for the dogs I see being forced to run continuously with Lycra clad obsessive. Are you a running widow?

MissHavishamsleftdaffodil Sat 10-Jun-17 12:25:10

Is he seeing this as something he and ds do together? Would he make it something special done with ds or is ds/buggy going to be more of a prop? That to me would make the difference.

Trying to imagine my 3-4 year olds willingness to sit in a buggy for four hours being whizzed along at high speed...... it would be interrupted by constant streams of needing food, drink, toilet, to go back and pick up what just got dropped etc. We wouldn't do a four hour run in the car without stopping to go to the loo and stretch legs, and they'd have music or things to do to keep them occupied and the bloodshed to a minimum

Isadora2007 Sat 10-Jun-17 12:28:21

Nope. It's a daft idea and boring for your son. It's like a flight to Europe without the chance to go for a pee or stretch legs.
It could be hot and sunny or rainy and wet. Your husband might not want to stop numerous times for loo breaks or drinks or snacks as this will affect his time and other runners too.

Just see no point in this at all.

Tchoutchou Sat 10-Jun-17 12:33:18

Kit30 Am I a running widow? No and yes. No, I wasn't that sporty before having DS and yes, I can't do high impact sports now.

akkakk Yes, his son too. I would have normally used our son's name smile

YellowLawn Sat 10-Jun-17 12:33:40

if he wan't dc involved, why not run the last 200m together?

unfortunateevents Sat 10-Jun-17 16:24:44

Sounds like this is just an excuse for your DH to show off. What on earth is the benefit to your son of being jiggled around in a buggy for 4 hours? What happens if he gets bored or wants to go to the loo?

OhDearToby Sat 10-Jun-17 16:28:22

Parkrun is under 20 minutes though! 3 or 4 hours is a totally different ballgame. I can't see many 3 year olds sitting in a buggy happily for that long.

Phillipa12 Sat 10-Jun-17 16:31:56

My dd used to love coming running with me at that age, she would happily sit in the buggy for 3+ hours. What does your son want to do?

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