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Best high chair?

(25 Posts)
RedSkySuperStar Fri 09-Jun-17 17:37:40

Hi all

Sorry if this is in the wrong place! My LO is 5 months so my mind is turning to weaning at 6 months. I'm planning to do a combination of BLW and purees but not fully decided yet. Can I ask for recommendations for a high chair from you wise mumsnetters?! Literally don't know where to start..

Thanks! smile

PotteringAlong Fri 09-Jun-17 17:39:31

Ikea antiolp. £14, can put it in the dishwasher. Don't faff around on anything more complicated.

Moomin37 Fri 09-Jun-17 17:40:31

We'll be buying the Ikea one too as everyone seems to recommend it!

Watto1 Fri 09-Jun-17 17:40:52

I was going to say what Pottering said. Don't waste your money on anything else. It's fab!

glitterglitters Fri 09-Jun-17 17:42:08

I love our stokke Tripp trap. Purely for the fact it gets them used to being at the table and the longevity of use.

Watto1 Fri 09-Jun-17 17:44:32

If you take the tray off the Antilop, the baby can sit at the table.

keely79 Fri 09-Jun-17 17:44:38

Would second the Stokke Tripp Trapp - we had for both our two and we are still using them daily now (DD is 7 and DS is 5) - I reckon for cost per use they're fantastic

soundsystem Fri 09-Jun-17 17:48:05

Another vote for the Antilop here. Although our two-year-old will immediately be climb up and sit on the Stokke Tripp Trapp if we're visiting aomwone with one (she just sits on a normal chair at home now)

PotteringAlong Fri 09-Jun-17 17:48:15

I just take the tray off the antilop too!

helenfagain Fri 09-Jun-17 17:52:31

Antilop, hands down.

TheSleeperandTheSpindle Fri 09-Jun-17 17:53:36

We have the Cosatto Supa Noodle. I really recommend it. You can have the highchair at 6 different heights which is handy if I want to sit on the sofa while DS is sitting in the highchair and want him at my height. It also has 3 different reclining positions. It was expensive but it will last DS for years, is very well made and versatile smile We also bought ours on Amazon as they often has price slashes on there, think we paid £80....

JoWithABow Fri 09-Jun-17 18:00:19

There's a reason why everyone on any thread like this recommends the Ikea one - it's great

Heirhelp Fri 09-Jun-17 18:01:15

The ikea one and while you are there get some of their plates, bowls, cutlery and long sleeved bins.

user1471469504 Fri 09-Jun-17 18:03:16

IKEA antilop- it's wipe clean and you can buy a (wipe clean) inflatable insert to prop smaller babies up in it.

Cucucachoo Fri 09-Jun-17 18:27:43

Ikea here too... cheap and cheerful. Easy to clean and store away.
Most nurseries, cafe's and softplays use them too... so DC will be used to them
Also cheap enough to get a second one for grandparents house

CowParsleyNettle Fri 09-Jun-17 18:35:50

Stokke Tripp Trap.

The IKEA is good at the top, well designed seat and tray, but the legs stick out a mile and I was forever falling over them, good for grandparents houses but a pain to be up everyday. We had it in a large dining room too.

MrsPandaBear Fri 09-Jun-17 18:46:32

The ikea one or if you can find one 2nd hand as it's very expensive new, the Babybjorn one. The Babybjorn one the tray slides to be right against their tummy so they don't end up with a lap full of food bits. It's also got a very small footprint. At about 18 months we started using a booster seat with DS and from about 2 he preferred to just sit on a chair, but even at 2.5 he still fits in the Babybjorn if we need to pin him down.

We stayed with someone who had the Trip Trapp when DS was about 16 months. It was lethal, he kept climbing in and out and even adding a harness of our own it was hard to keep him in it. Not sure if we just had a particularly determined climber though.

HelenaJustina Fri 09-Jun-17 18:49:01

Ikea, best high hair ever. We never attached the tray, just had it pulled up to the table

RedSkySuperStar Fri 09-Jun-17 18:49:19

Ah thanks everyone! The ikea one sounds like a winner and cheap too!

Cutesbabasmummy Fri 09-Jun-17 21:13:45

Ikea hands down.

Tobebythesea Fri 09-Jun-17 21:16:26

Another vote for Cosatto Supa Noodle. Fab high chair. We also have the Ikea in the kitchen.

CrazyPrepared Fri 09-Jun-17 21:27:01

Stokke Tripp Trap - Ours is 7 years old and now being used (without the harness) by Ds2 who is 3, it's fab and looks good.

MissRainbowBrite Fri 09-Jun-17 21:31:47

I'll add my vote for the Cosatto. It's easy to adjust, folds flat so can be stored away easily, the tray fits snug against baby, it's sits properly upright and is easy to clean. I loved ours.

chloechloe Fri 09-Jun-17 21:47:47

We have Tripp Trapps at home and the Ikea one at the GPs. I really love the Tripp Trapp - it looks good, can be used for a longer period (even by adults!) and is easy to wipe down. They also have lots of colours so you can choose one that fits in with your furniture / decor. I'm really not a fan of anything that's colourful or childlike - there's enough kids' toys lying round as it is without adding kitsch furniture to the mix!

dairymilkmonster Sat 10-Jun-17 19:52:52

white plastic ikea one.
no other contender - very cheap, has a detachable tray, easy to clean, fairy small.

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