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Grandparents opinion on Ds outburst

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Jessie1980 Mon 05-Jun-17 09:53:31

We had a family get together yesterday and Ds (5) and Dd(3) are the only kids at it. Anyway they were wanting to play games with me as all the adults were talking and ignoring them. We played snakes and ladders and the kids start to argue over little things. Ds runs off to his room upstairs as Dd shouts at him to say he cannot play with her toys, anyway I resolved that situation and we are all downstairs playing again when they start to bicker again. Ds tries to leave but Dd stops him, so he pushed past her and ran upstairs crying (with frustration IMO) and starts screaming and crying and stamping his feet upstairs. I get up to go to him and his grandad tells me, 'hes just doing that for attention and to get you to go upstairs. That behaviour is really embarrassing!' and he has a disgusted look on his face, my husband is also takes this opinion and tells me.he had better cut it out. I respond with, 'he's 5 years old and pissed off, how do u expect him to react!'
Aargh it really annoyed me, am I right in being annoyed at them?
Ds knew he couldn't lash out at his sister who was trying to stop him leaving and he can't exactly reason with her at his age but with her winding him.up just before this he was obviously very frustrated and this was vented by screaming and foot stamping. He never usually acts like this and is normally an easy going well behaved wee boy that looks after his sister.
Just wondered if it's me who's wrong.and they are right? What do you think?

GreenGoblin0 Mon 05-Jun-17 10:01:12

I agree with you. this is normal behaviour do a 5 year old.

Jessie1980 Mon 05-Jun-17 10:04:15

Than you GreenGoblin0, when you have 2 against one and you are the minority you start to doubt yourself. dh and I have very different opinions on parenting which is becoming more apparent as the kids get older...

bojorojo Mon 05-Jun-17 10:06:12

You were on a hiding to nothing with having the only children there. It was made worse by them being unable to "play nicely". They were embarrassing but children are like that. Any tantrum, for whatever reason, is embarrassing. Neither can you expect other people to play with them. They are your responsibility. I have never found older people supportive when a child has a tantrum.

You seem to be very protective of your wee boy and he can clearly get you on-side with wailing and get your immediate sympathy. Frustration should have been nipped in the bud and clearly this sort of game with his 3 year sister wasn't a good plan. They should have been entertained separately. You were always going to have a problem so try and get a babysitter next time! Adult only gatherings with children are a nightmare so avoid them!

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