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Birthday party for a 2 year old

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Mooncheeeeeese Mon 05-Jun-17 07:17:00

Hi, first party that I have ever done so am feeling a bit anxious. Dd will turn two soon and I have arranged a party for her at our house from 10-12, entertainment is sorted so I need to just sort the food. What should I provide during this time? Obviously soft drinks, should it just be nibbly bits or will I be expected to do sandwiches etc? If just nibbles please can I have some suggestions? confused. Thank you!

louisejxxx Mon 05-Jun-17 07:18:23

I would do some sandwiches (cheese, ham, jam) and then just usual picks like bowls of crisps, sausage rolls, carrot & cucumber sticks, chopped fruit, little packs of raisins etc.

JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Mon 05-Jun-17 07:21:30

OP we did a buffet the children could help themselves to, with sausage rolls, breadsticks, fruit, tomatoes, homemade biscuits in shape of stars, mini pizza muffins, and Annabel Karmel sandwich snakes (google for pics, quite easy to do). Milk and water on offer.

They all liked it!

Nicpem1982 Mon 05-Jun-17 07:55:45

We did food boxes with

Fruit pot

Then Pastries and coffee for parents

MrsKenningtonBag Mon 05-Jun-17 09:53:17

You'll be fine!

What previous posters said little finger sandwiches chopped fruit & veg packs of raisins etc.

stopmoaningpip Mon 05-Jun-17 15:30:06

Fruit shoot bottles seem to be universally popular and don't seem to spill too much so easier than cups of drinks or cartons with fiddly straws in my opinion.

We had a cake fountain at our last few parties for similar age children and it was very popular (it looks like a candle but is sort of an indoor firework). Think you can buy them from big supermarkets. I would put it on a separate cupcake or something though as there is usually a bit of ash from them. And obviously make sure children are not too close.

Most importantly, do not spend hours and hours preparing intricate stuff unless you will really enjoy doing it as the children are too young to appreciate it and will quite likely have tantrums anyway...

Presuming the other parents are staying then I would lay the food out at adult height and let each parent help their child to things. Then a) it's less messy and b) if parents have any preferences about what their child eats (or child has allergies they haven't told you about) they can be in charge.

I discovered belatedly that Tesco will do plates of sandwiches for parties (it's under buffet food or similar) but you have to order it 48 hours in advance. I will definitely be doing this for next time - yes it's lazy but really you're better off spending the time moving all breakable objects out of the living room or wherever you're having it...

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