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8mo dislikes dinner

(4 Posts)
fondmemoriesofsleep Wed 31-May-17 19:37:38

Hi all

Looking for a bit of advice please. My 8mo LG has been on solids since 6mo. She's ok with food but I wouldn't say she's that bothered by it - although devours yoghurt and likes fruit and toast.

I have two issues

One - I'm struggling to get her to eat dinner food that doesn't have fruit as the main ingredient. She eats fruit purées and finger foods like toast, breadsticks, cucumber, watermelon and blueberries. But she won't eat any fish or chicken dinners I've done her.

Two - she moans and cries at dinner time frequently. I suspect my routine is wrong.
We do:

Wake and breastfeed (7ish)
Breakfast fruit/toast/cereal 8:30
11/11:30 breastfeed
12:30/13:00 lunch - finger food and some purée
3/4pm - 100-150ml formula
5:30/6pm - dinner finger foods and 'dinner' type purée & yoghurt
6:30/7pm - breastfeed
Wakes once in night for a breastfeed

She is a quick breastfeeder so only has 4-7 minutes at a time. I changed the afternoon feed to a bottle as I felt she wasn't get much food in her per day and at least with a bottle I'd know how much she had. And she was getting very fussy feeding and making me uncomfortable feeding her in public!

She's dropped from 50th to 35th now 25th percentile on weight so I'm conscious I want her to feed better.

Any advice very welcome xx

arbrighton Wed 31-May-17 20:18:14

She's only just getting used to food, still very young. Perhaps try another formula feed, keep trying her on different foods but don't make an issue of it

lifeisazebracrossing Wed 31-May-17 21:44:05

More milk (bm or formula) and less good until she shows more interest? My DD ate only small amounts of purée at first then became more interested gradually. I added fish/meat bit by bit but at 10mo she has 20oz of milk a day (stopped bfing 6 weeks ago) and three meals but it's still largely veg and fruit. I'll add more meat/fish, etc. when she is one and begins having less milk,

doghairinmytea Wed 31-May-17 21:49:22

Might she be tired at dinner time? My DS was fussier at tea-time (northerner!) as he was tired so I switched to a larger main meal at lunch and snack/ finger foods in the evening.

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